Never Giving Up Hope To Find Mr. Right

I don't want to be the girl he can live with-----I want to be the girl he can't live without
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6 Responses May 19, 2012

Just don't give up! It can be just as hard for us guys to find that Ms. Right too.

But loveispatient34 has a very valid point. It seems that most women really don't want a nice guy they want a guy to be good to them that they can manipulate.

But somewhere out there is someone for each of us. Hopefully we'll find them in our lifetime. Good luck to you in your search.

p.s. To bad you're not closer...I'm bald. lol

the thing is that there are alot of men that treat their women like princesses but alot of times the women treat men that do that like garbage

yeah you do unto others as you would have them do unto you - i dont know about you but ive experienced those kind of women but i think its more that i rushed into it and i didnt really get a chance to actually know them but now i know that you have to have patience if you want something good to come out of it


Hello sweetie...... ;)

please never give up looking as there is always someone out there for every one. i am on the same journey looking for mrs or now possibly mr right. but whom ever i find will always have my undevoted attention....... unless we have agreed otherwise that is....

i do not understand please cound vyu clarify.