How To Treat Your Girl Friend Or Spouse Or Prospective Girl Friend Like A Queen?

 i will ensure she is taken care of by reminding her to have food in time, water and soft drinks in time. i will ask her to avoid vices.
and maybe give roses to her almost other day
in restaurents she can order the dish and  i pay for it  though at outset will inform her the budget least we both dont end up in hotel doing their chores.

Will involve her in decision making and have pleasent moments neaby lake, mountain,sea, river or even a house. the easiest way will be light a candle ad just admire her till she feels enough is enough.

be loyal to your queen as the queen will tend to deviate her attentions otherwise.

if she is loved; respected by me and i ensure she comes up in life she may even end up being a caretaker of the house and eventually i will need to treat her like queen and also king.

if she makes mistakes forgive her

if she makes demand explain to her and moderate the demands

if she wishes to be independent leave her as there is  a saying 'if someone is meant for you; someone will comeback to you at some point of time in life else you always can find another queen :)
giftafamily giftafamily
May 25, 2012