It enriches life, don't you think?
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One of life's simplest pleasure

Intimacy always enriches your life.

dunno... it's been such a long time tbh.

Definitely. Love a good roll in the sack

Makes life B.E.A.utiful

It certainly is especially when it is creative and a total consuming experience

good you know what i mean, lets talk

The 3 of you said the same thing....I wonder does it feel to have sex with the "wrong" person?

It's in direct opposition to what you've posted above. Rather than life affirming, it sucks the life right out of you. It becomes mechanical, a sham dance of the soul.

But enough about me.

Your comment made me read your story. Wow, I wish you'd experience the freedom to express "it" all with your wife, SOON! Rooting for you. :)

Thanks. But I think too much life has passed between us.

*Knock-on-wood* Haha :) I never had sex where I did not enjoy it, although one is more heartfelt than the other. Maybe it's because I had affection for each of them, in differing degrees.

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