Roleplay = Therapy

In the time I began tabletop roleplaying, I feel I've learned more about myself than many other experiences have yielded me.  I understand what I'm capable of as a person, I better understand my strengths and weaknesses in leadership and communication.  Those who have not tabletop roleplayed are truly missing out on one of life's most engrossing and fulfilling experiences of their lives.  I wish everyone would try it out.  I encourage anyone to discuss this with me.

Shovelfighter Shovelfighter
26-30, M
3 Responses Mar 29, 2008

I see I thought it was some kind of computer game – I was thinking <br />
you play it on your computers desk top. Anyway thank you for explaining. Cheers!

Dungeons and Dragons, Gurps... any stat based game play with dice to determine the result of an action with usually a well thought out plot.

I have no idea what Tabletop role playing is – but it sounds like it could be <br />
educational and fun. Could you please elaborate, Cheers!