Gm For Some 20+ Years Now....

This is usually the part where the new guy gets up, says his name, and everyone else says it back. we go...

"Hi, my name is Wulflist and I'm a gamer."

Okay...BAD joke....but I've been through that before. Anyway, off-topic. So, I've been doing this for about....20+ years now. I started back when I was seven, introduced to it by my older brother. 1st Ed. D&D. I don't miss it quite as much as I do 2nd. I've lost count of how many characters I've had and how many my players have all had. I've taken the Forgotten Realms and in a way, morphed it into my own Realms, populated with the most memorable characters that I have had the pleasure and fortune of having run around in it. There's another story coming about my first time with players that never HAD such an experience before...but not the point of this story.

I've run D&D editions 1st - 4th; each of them offering me things I've liked and disliked (2nd being the best, followed by 3rd). I currently run Pathfinder (which is awesome!) and Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition. I also do run SWSE, have tried my hand at running Exalted, have run BESM on occasion as well as a Call of Cthullu game once or twice. I've taken part in Paranoia (which say in the least) and I do enjoy Hunter: The Reckoning. I prefer a game that's 50% combat and 50% storytelling. Some nights, it may be 60/40 or 40/60. But....I know that all my players enjoy the stories I tell, and that will be mentioned why in an upcoming story.

You'll have to forgive me; I'm usually very quiet on these types of forums....but given time, I do come out of my shell.
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Jun 6, 2012