The Perks And Detriments Of Gaming: Rpgs And I

My relationship with roleplaying games has been interesting and complex. I started playing MUDs online at around the age of 12 (Multi User Dungeon) and I think it is why I type so fast to this day. Then around college I started to play Legend of the Five Rings (its a tabletop game that takes place in this Asian fantasy realm) and we eventually used its rules and the rules from a few other table top games to make our own version of roleplaying.
Few would argue that roleplaying games aren't fun. You can create any character you like (as long as you can write a believable back story for the character at least that's how we always do it). It is also great stress relief. I remember in college my 3 room mates and I (and we even got a few friends in to play also) would make every Friday night game night and every semester we would start a new campaign and play a campaign out. All of us have a character class we enjoy playing (I always play a ranger for example and my friend always plays some form of assassin).
One odd side effect I know every gamer experiences is that it creates weird arguments among your friends that nobody understands but you and your friends. Whenever I go to a public place with my roleplaying friends there is one argument that has a tendency to start because of one campaign we played in college. It starts with our one friend saying something dumb (for whatever reason) and we all yell at him “shut up! You got us killed by a freaking snow man!” to which his response is “hey you (pointing to me) said the dragon wanted to speak to me!” to which I say “yeah but I said that it was NOT a good idea to go out after dark!” and then it degrades from there.
Lot more people do it now or at least aren't ashamed of doing it. I recently found that 2 members of my family tabletop including my younger cousin (maybe I need to make it mandatory for them to bring dice to the next family reunion) and another cousin's fiance. Might be interesting to play a game with them but all 3 of us are used to completely different sets of rules. Lot of fun memories and yet it has only been the beginning. I just got a new (well, new to me but the book is from the 80s) scifi RPG from a book swap and have already started writing out a campaign for it. The adventures continue!
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Jan 22, 2013