Taboo And Pantyhose

I always did think that mommy was sexy. Especially when she dressed up. Mom worked at an office downtown and so she dressed up real well and I'd often sneak peeks through her bedroom door when she got dressed. And I especially got excited when she rolled her stockings up her smooth legs and fastened them to the garter straps. But then, I always darted away before she could catch me looking at her. I'd sit in the front room and watch her walk towards the kitchen, or the front door if she was running late and had to skip breakfast. I was always enthralled the way she looked in heels, hose, and a tight-fitting business dress suit with white blouse unbutton just enough at the top for some of her humongous cleavage to peek out. Yeah! Mom's got really big ****. And, oh, the way she moved her body when she was dressed like that!

Dad had left us several years ago, and I knew that mommy had to be very lonely. I always wished that I could take daddy's place to fill that gap in her life and her heart. I loved her so much I wanted to make up the difference for her, for what she was missing. To be honest, I wanted to have sex with her. But how does one go about ******* their own mother? So, all I could do was to dream, and sneak peeks at her whenever I could, and then ********** at night thinking about what intimate parts of her body I'd seen, and what I'd like to do with her. Even though she was pushing 40 she had such a great figure and such huge gravity-defying boobs that preceded her by a mile (well, maybe I'm exaggerating there) where ever she walked, that she could have had any man she wanted. But she never dated. Her whole life was devoted to me and to working to keep our home and put food on the table and to save to put me through college when the time came. And I loved her so much for that and wished that there was some way to show it.

It was after passing my 18th birthday that I decided to take things to the next level.

We were eating breakfast sitting across from each other at the dinning room table. Mom was all dressed and ready for work as she sipped her coffee and picked at her scrambled eggs while looking at the morning paper. Me? I had already woofed down my eggs and was going to start on a bowl of Cheerios (part of my plan). In pouring the Cheerios into my bowl I let one land on the table and roll off onto my lap where I gave it a little slap under the table—where mom couldn't see my hand—to make sure that it rolled on the floor towards her feet.

"Oops! I dropped one," I said as I started to duck under the table. "I'll get it before someone steps on it and mashes it into the rug.

And, oh, what a sight that was under the table! The cheerio had landed near mom's foot but that wasn't what I was looking at. Mom had her legs crossed and her blue business skirt was hiked up so far I could see most of her beige nylon enshrouded legs. Especially the one that was crossed I could see all the way up past the tops of her stocking and clear too the creamy white flesh there just below her ***. And those sexy garter straps wrapped around her *** and hips like I wish I was. I wanted to stay down there forever, but I knew she'd get suspicious if I did.

"Mom, the cheerio is right by your foot," I lied 'cause I had already retrieved the cheerio but I wanted an excuse to get closer to her legs—and to maybe touch. "Could you please lift your foot a moment?" And then I did touch as I gently grabbed hold of her ankle as if urging her to lift her foot. And the feel of her nylon enshrouded ankle in my hand sent wonderful thrills all through my body and made my **** throb in my gym shorts.

"Sure sweetie," she said as she lifted her foot several inches up off the floor. This made both of her legs elevated and I was able to look up underneath to the bottoms of both her thighs all the way to her garter straps and beyond. And my **** was so hard and full of urgent need that I was starting to hump the floor while looking up mommy's dress like that. Oh, if I could only stay like this forever, I thought. Praying, but not quite able, to see her panties.

But I had to make it look good and so I said, "it's okay now mom, I've got it." Nonetheless I continued to hold her ankle for a second as she lowered her foot back to the floor—savoring the last split second of contact with her sexy nylons, and to catch the last fleeting glimpse up her skirt. And then, oh so reluctantly I scooted back out from under the table and made a show of eating my cheerios.

After finishing breakfast we went our separate ways, she to work, and me to school. She gave me a sweet kiss before we parted.

The next day was a Saturday and mom had a couple of friends over for tea before they all went to the mall for some shopping. Charlotte and Lucy were both near mom's age in their mid to late thirties. Charlotte was a red head, and Lucy was a brunette. They all looked so beautiful sitting together on the living room couch with mom's blonde mane contrasted with Charlotte's red, and Lucy's brunette. They all three wore summer dresses that didn't quite reach the knees when they were standing, and now that they were sitting with their legs crossed they were all showing lots of thigh.

I entered the living room carrying a comic book and nonchalantly dropped to the floor right in front of them with my comic book in front of me so I could look up their dresses while pretending to read my comic. I was mildly disappointed that none of them were wearing any hosiery that day, but on the other hand I was richly rewarded with lots of nice views of sexy legs.

All the time they were so busy talking with each other and sipping their tea that they didn't hardly notice me laying there looking up their skirts—or so it seemed to me at the time. As they talked they each crossed and recrossed their legs several time—and each time I got to catch a glimpse of their panties—not to mention the insides of their creamy thighs.

After finishing their tea, they got and got ready to depart for the mall. Reaching the front door, Lucy said to mom, "don't you think you should kiss your son goodbye?"

"Certainly." Mom returned to where I was still sprawled out on the floor. I started to sit up just as mom bent down over me. The cleavage of her dress hung low exposing her ample cleavage, and as I admired and drooled over her boobs swinging and quivering so close to my face, her perfume enveloped me as if I had fallen into a garden from some children's story book. She gave me a sweet, chaste kiss on the side of the face and rejoined her friends.

Several hours later after they all returned from the mall mom said, "let's all go into my bedroom and try on the new pantyhose we bought. You know how difficult it is to put on a new pair of panty hose the first time you try them on. I think we all could use a little help in trying these on."

"Sounds like fun," Lucy said grinning at mom and Charlotte.

And so they all three went into mom's bedroom with the new pantyhose they had purchased, and shut the door.

Not to worry. A couple of weeks ago I had discovered a knot in the back wall of my closet—and this was the wall that separated my closet from mom's bedroom. It wasn't really a wall at all, just a section of wood paneling. So, once I had discovered that knot there in the wood it didn't take much of a genius to realize that I needed to work it loose and extract it—since doing so would give me a nice view of mom's bedroom. Then when I was done I'd put the knot back in place so she'd never notice and never know that I'd been spying on her. And so, as soon as mom and her two friends shut the door to her bed room I made a dash for mine, and slowly (so as to not attract attention) removed the knot from its hole and putting my eye up to it I took in the show.

And what a show it was! It took my breath away. The three women, my mom and her two friends, were helping each other out of their dresses! And they were laughing and giggling and touching each other more than was necessary to remove their dresses. But what was really neat was that I got to see mommy and both her friends in nothing but their white panties and their white bras. And my **** almost exploded it got so hard so fast. I had to drop my shorts and pull my under wear down to let it out of its captivity before it hurt itself.

And then mommy snuck up behind Lucy and pulled her panties down to her knees causing all three women to giggle. And I had to start playing with myself. I got to see *****! Real live *****! And it was shaved, which I thought was curious.

But before I could recover from that Charlotte yanked mommy's panties down! And now I was staring at my own mother's cunnie! And her blonde bush framing it. And my throbbing **** trembled and jumped straining against my loving, rubbing hand.

Soon all three women were butt naked except for their sexy white bras. And mom with her blonde bush, Charlotte with her red one, and Lucy as bald as a clam. But the contrast between the three was highly erotic.

"Okay, let's try on these pantyhose," mom said as she laid down on her back on her bed with her *** near the edge. Then she stuck her legs straight up in the air and it looked so incredibly sexy. Especially since I could see part of her quim peeking out and winking at me from betwixt the tops of her thighs which were held close together.

Lucy took up mom's new pair of pantyhose and moved up close to mom—so close that she was pressing her body, her naked sexy body, against mom's leg. She caressed mom's foot and began to kiss it. Meanwhile Charlotte had also moved in to press her body against mom's other leg and began caressing and kissing mom's other foot.

And mom had a dreamy look on her face and was kind of mumbling incoherently like maybe she was softly moaning or purring like a cat. Then the two women inserted mom's feet into the sexy lycra nylon material, and they gently and carefully began to roll it down her feet and ankles. Then they adjusted the feet and ankles, making sure the hosiery was stretched tight enough and snug enough that they wouldn't run out of material before they reached her torso.

Then they continued unrolling the pantyhose legs until they reached mom's knees. Then they paused again to stretch and smooth out the material. Satisfied that everything was moving along just fine, they nuzzled their faces against mom's feet and ankles and kissed her instep as they continued to unroll the pantyhose and work it down mom's thighs.

At this point mom had to spread her thighs a little bit apart to allow the other two women room to work. And I got to see mom's **** like never before! Her entire ***** was now exposed to me, the big fat lips which seemed to be quivering and calling out for attention. And the slit between those lips, all glistening with her fluids.

Lucy and Charlotte had mom's pantyhose rolled down all the way to mom's ***, and they paused again to run their hands all up and down mom's nylon-encased legs—just like I'd love to do. They were loving, caressing, and fondling mom's legs while kissing and nuzzling her feet.

And as they caressed mom's legs and feet mom's ***** got even wetter. And through the knot hole I could smell a strange tart, tangy aroma in the air that wasn't there before. I didn't understand what it was, but it made my **** twitch and quiver even more than before.

And then they had mom stand up and they pulled her pantyhose the rest of the way up and gave her fanny a playful swat and giggled as her *** cheeks vibrated under the sheer material like a huge bowl of jello. And I just about shot my wad.

Then it was Charlotte's turn on the bed, and mom and Lucy gave her the same treatment that mom had received. By the time they were working on Lucy's legs, my balls had turned blue and ached for release, and my **** was straining so hard I was afraid it'd try to crawl through the knot hole by itself in order to join the women in the room.

And now that tart, tangy aroma was much stronger, coming as it did from the ******* of all three women (yes, by this time I had figured out that it was ***** smell). I inhaled deeply and licked my lips.

Now all three women were fully encased in their gorgeous sexy pantyhose and they stood in front of mom's full length mirror to pose and model. First they stood side to side, with mom in the middle, their arms around each other's waists "ooohing and ahhhing" at how sexy they each looked.

Then they played a game of slapping each other's fanny's and giggling at watching the way their *** cheeks jiggled like bowls of jello underneath the tightly stretched lycra-nylon material. Then the next thing I knew Charlotte and Lucy turned in towards mom and made a sandwich out of her, Charlotte pressed her body against mom's backside and rubbed her crotch against mom's butt. Lucy, facing mom, put her arms around both women so she could fondle Charlotte's fanny, and at the same time she rubbed her bra-encased **** side-to-side against mom's.

And now they were rubbing their nylon-enshrouded legs together, Lucy forced her leg in between mom's and began rubbing in and out and up and down, while Charlotte rubbed one of her legs against the outside of mom's. And mom rubbed one of her legs up and down between Lucys. And these three women rubbing their nylon-enshrouded legs together like that made a "swish, swish, swish" sound that was so erotic it blew my mind.

But it was when Lucy raised her leg so high that she was rubbing it back and forth against mom's crotch that I lost it. My balls contracted and I shot my load against the wood paneling. It struck with such a load splat sound that I was afraid they'd hear it in the other room. Have to clean it up later. I quickly pulled my shorts back up and ran back into the living room and pretended to be reading one of my comic books.

And just in the nick of time to! No sooner had I sat down and opened up the comic book than mom and her two friends came out wearing their summer dresses over the new pantyhose they'd just purchased and tried on.

Mom said, "Stevie, honey, I'm going to go out for the evening with my friends. There is left over stew in the fridge from last night. You're okay with heating it up by yourself for dinner?"

"Y-y-yeah, mom." I was still in a state of near shock from the sexy sights I'd just witnessed.

Mom walked up to me, "that's my sweetie," she said as she bent over to give me another kiss. But this time, unlike her usual goodbye kisses which were pecks on the cheek, she kissed me directly on the lips while both her hands caressed my cheek. And I tingled all over, and my **** began to stir again from the touch of her lips on mine, even though I had just ***. And her legs, her nylon-enshrouded legs were touching my knees! She let her lips linger on mine longer that was seemly for just a goodbye kiss and as I relished that sensation, the rich garden delights of her perfume enveloped me once more—but now, blending in with her sweet perfumre was that tart, tangy aroma of her arousal that still emanated from her even though she had her clothes on.

And it made my **** now fully spring back to life and begin to tent my shorts. And I felt a little embarrassed because I was afraid that mom would notice, and because her friends were staring at it with strange smiles on their faces.

Then Lucy said, "Helen, you'd better be careful there, I think you're starting to turn on your little sonny boy there." Then she and Charlotte giggled.

Mom pulled away from the kiss and looked down at the huge bulge in my shorts. And her face broke out into a huge grin. Then she looked back at my face and said, "now you be a good boy while mommy's gone. Behave yourself now." And she gave my face a playful little slap, really more of a love tap that anything. And then she rejoined her friends. Then, just before stepping out and closing the door behind her, she looked back at me, smiled, and said, "Bye, bye now."

As soon as I heard their car drive away I ripped off all of my clothes and dashed into mom's bedroom. Mommy's bedroom! And there I was, surrounded by all of her perfume bottles, make-up paraphernalia, and other artifacts of her femininity and her mystic. Oh, how many times I have snuck peeks into this most mysterious and sacred of places throughout the years, and now, here I am in mommy's bedroom—totally naked, and feeling oh, so naughty. And that thought alone made my erection grow. The aroma of their perfumes, mommy's and the other two women's, was still rather strong in the room and made the place I was entering seem like a luxurious garden, a paradise—or more like entering heaven.

But what really turned me on was that strange, tart, tangy aroma that had emanated out of their *******, mommy's and the other two women's, when they were putting the panty hose on each other, it too was still very strong in the room, and blending with their perfume it was most intoxicating. I inhaled, breathing deeply several times, and my **** went crazy. I began to play with myself, relishing the intoxicating aromas while vividly recalling everything that mommy and her two friends were just doing in this very room just moments ago. And then, just before I came (I was afraid of spilling on mommy's rug), I dashed into my own bedroom and quickly relieved myself into one of my T-shirts.

Came Monday morning and I took up position at the knot hole in the wall as usual to watch mom get dressed and admire they way she rolled her stockings up her legs and fastened them to her garter straps. And as usual I played with myself as I watched her.

After we had breakfast and she left for work (it was summer vacation now and I didn't have to go to school) I stepped into the bathroom to brush my teeth. And there, hanging on the shower rod was the new pair of pantyhose that she had worn on Saturday. She had hand washed them in the sink and then hung them up to dry. And just looking at these pantyhose made me start to get an erection. I couldn't help but think that these very pantyhose had caressed mom's feet, legs, ***, hips, and crotch and thinking of that made me very horny. And these were the same pantyhose that mom's two friends had rolled down mom's legs while making love to her feet. These were the same pair of pantyhose that mom was wearing when her two friends made her ***** get wet. And these were the same pantyhose that mom was wearing when she and her two sexy friends were horsing around and they made a sandwich out of mom, and when they rubbed their legs together making that sexy "swish, swish, swish" sound.

And I got so hot I was as trembly and frantic as I was the other night when I actually saw all that sexy play in person.

And then I got an idea. I took the pantyhose (they were dry now) into my bedroom and then I got several pairs of my rolled up socks and underwear and I stuffed them down into the feet of the hosiery. Then I took larger items like rolled up T-shirts and stuffed them down to form the "calves." And then from the living room I took a couple of cylindrical shaped arm pillows and stuffed them down to form the "thighs." And then I took my foam rubber pillow off of my bed and folded it over double and stuffed it in to make the lower portion of the torso, pulling the pantyhose over it.

And now I had a sex doll that vaguely resembled a real woman and that was encased in precious, sacred, sexy lycra-nylon pantyhose—just like mommy was the other night.

Gently and with trembling hands I laid my home-made "mommy" sex doll onto my bed, then I ripped off all of my clothes. I got down on my knees before it and began to worship the nylon-enshrouded feet, caressing and kissing, and rubbing them on my face pretending they were mommy's feet. And then I slowly worked my way up the legs loving the erotic feel of the sexy material against my bare skin, and loving how it felt as my hands ran up and down the legs, caressing.
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What a good story. There is something so sexy about seeing up mom's skirt. I too used to peep up my moms dress as often as I could also her frinds when they came round to tea<br />
<br />
keep peeping