I Take 5-hydroxytryptophan For Anxiety

I take 5-hydroxytryptrophan for anxiety.  My anxiety started a couple of years ago when I was little.  I had panic attacks and everything.  My dad doesn't believe in medicine so he gave me B vitamins at first, but that didn't help me very much.  Then he brought me to see one of his friends who recommended these pills that you can get at the store called 5-HTP.  It took a month for them to really start working but now they work really great for me!  I've been taking it for a couple years now.  I take a larger dose now, plus Melatonin at bedtime to help me sleep.  My anxiety control is really good like I can go to church, hang with friends, etc.

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Swanson is the most inexpensive I know of. It's a great vitamin company.

I didn't know what brand I took when I started this group. I just asked my dad he told me I take Swanson and that its the only brand we use in our house. I really like it!!!!:-) I never met anyone else who takes it though! I will tell my dad about the other brands you said.

5-HTP is great for sleep. I had to stop taking the Natrol brand pictured in the logo because it gave me stomach queasiness. Natrol 5-HTP also gave my ex-pastor queasiness. 5-HTP from Progressive Labs, Thompson, NSI, and Swanson have not given me that queasiness.