Scared He Will Leave Me

I am a very co-dependent person and always feel like I have to make my fiance happy instead of worrying about myself.  I have a small story to tell and it goes like this.  I met my fiance about 3 years ago and we ended up running into each other at the treatment center that I was going to for my depression again after we didn't know where each other was for 2 of those years.  December of 2010 he asked me to move in with him and I accepted and we were happy together until a friend got involved with his fiance and she was interested in mine, so my fiance decided he wanted to be with her and he told me to leave.  I did and we were apart for almost a year and March 12 of this year I found him again and we have been together since but I worry that he is going to do it again.  He says that he wont, but I never know.  I do everything for him.  I receive SSI and he has no income at all, but I will pay all the bills and never have anything for myself, but he has his tobacco because I will get it for him.  Sometimes I have to end up borrowing money, just so that he will have his tobacco and I have to pay it back when I get my SSI.  He comes first always and I don't want to lose him and that is why I do everything for him. 
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Are you ******* kidding me? Run girl run! Dump that parasite and get your college education! Take care of you! **** that tool! A man should compliment your life not disrupt it ! See what I'm say'n ? What the **** girlfriend? Send that MoFo down the river. WTF Yo?