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I take a lot of road trips by myself, which is surprising to many of the people who grew up around me because I have always been from a working-class family and have never been able to get ahead in life financially (although I am only 22, so there is still time). I have thus far gone cross-country three times, and seen many amazing natural landscapes. I have also met many very interesting people from different regions of the world. Sometimes I am amazed by how different people in one region live, talk, think, or act from the people in the Great Lakes region, where I grew up.

In order for me to afford traveling, I often settle in a place for a season and work jobs such as: bindery work, greenhouse, ranching, housekeeping, and even fast food. I made the most money at the greenhouse, which was a wonderful, physically and creatively challenging job. I've only ever made minimum wage at a job, but I work 40-60 hours a week, which creates overtime pay and extra hours per paycheck. I still normally come out of a season of work with only about $300-$1000 (if I'm really, really, really, extremely lucky and save like mad, eating only Ramen noodles), which allows me enough money for gas, maybe a night in a cheap motel, and McDonald's coffee (which is the one luxury I do treat myself to while traveling. I love their coffee more than any other corporate coffee place). I generally sleep in my car or tent, or I simply drive all night (pulling over and sleeping at the first sign of fatigue, that is a very important tip for anyone who is new to road-tripping). I love the freedom that I feel from not being constrained by a time-schedule, or societal rules. I love sleeping in my car and waking up at a rest-stop, knowing that all I have to do is slide from my backseat to the driver's seat, and go.

So far my favorite places to drive have been: The Pacific coast, Utah and Wyoming, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, Louisiana, the Appalachians, and Missouri. I have yet to go north into the Black Hills or the northeast Pacific coast, and I will be taking a trip through part of New England at the beginning of April. Once I am comfortable with the regions of the US, I would like to cross the border into Mexico and take a road trip through Central America. We'll see though.

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Good for you. I would love to be that free. Do you have a gps system??

I encourage you to se the Black may never want to leave...well, from the sounds of it, you probably will, but you will certainly want to go back again....<br />
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I love your spirit...perhaps a partner for traveling in Mexico and Central America?...Fear is never a good thing to give in to, but there are some risks that just set us up for disaster...this is an area of the world that Americans are vulnerable in...and then being a woman...well, safety is important...<br />
<br />
For that matter, so is being safe on this side of the border...<br />
<br />
But, I do love your spirit...happy trails...SS