On The Fence..

I was prescribed a very low dose of abilify (2 mg) to help me with what the shrink called "junky thoughts" i am trying to use mind over matter but it's quite a struggle. i took myself off of my last meds lamictal about a year ago but i have been experiencing alot of bullshit for a while due to my living situation and have reached my wits end with coping skills to the point im fighting with my innertard to keep her under control..if i just let her do her thing there would be arson charges and attempted murder cases ugghh im just trying to live "kinda right" till i die. i know my issue is demons and pills will only quiet them which will pretty much hinder my ability to learn how conquer them.. i dont know. whatever...xanax.
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

And I know from experience you defeat them with your mind and God, but I too wish to be free of the negativity ...

Me too! I totally agree. I took ability only once and thought I was gonna die it made me so sick j couldn't function for about17 hours, after only one five mg tab, I think the demons like this med

The dosage is high that's all,,,trust me