I Have Schizophrenia And Used Srattera

angryI think adderall sounds like it would work better than strattera because strattera made me feel worse.  I wanted to try adderall because I want to be able to concentrate better and lose weight. I might have ADHD but i'm not sure.  I take clozapene and those  prolixin shots!!! it makes me less hyper but I forget things quicker.
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3 Responses Jul 21, 2010

I take Adderall and Strattera. If I don't, I don't feel "normal".

im jenn and i have schiaophrenia also...does the prolixin shot help? because im on the resperidal injection right now and its not doing the trick, im also on the max dose of seroquil and still not helping...i feel a bit hopeless...

Yeah the only ADD pills that I get high on are Adderall. Nothing else gets me as high, not even Vyvanse. Be careful with that stuff though; it makes your life so much better that it's easy to get into it and start taking more than the prescribed dose. After doing that much I have trouble breathing and a sore throat for the next few days. So be careful.