I Stopped Taking Them

Okay, so first i'll copy a comment i wrote on someone's story...
I had eating disorder and my therapist gave me Zyprexa, i gained 7kg, OMG... And of course that made me suicidal and stuff so she gave me Zeldox, idk why, i've read my diagnosis and she wrote i had limit on the scale of schizophrenia, but she never really mentioned that.
I never had any hallucinations, but she put me on zeldox, and it gave me a lot of trouble. I stopped taking them by myself, coz i was on the lowest ones and few weeks after i started to see things that obviously weren't there, but it passed slowly, i'm ok now, it's just it gave me a lot of trouble with sleeping. Any time i forgot to take Zeldox i couldn't sleep, so it drives me crazy now that i completely stopped.

I really miss my pills...I overdosed with Zeldox 3 times, last time i was hospitalized and it made ma calm a bit.  I've been okay for 4 months, but i feel like it's all coming back to me, and i'm pretty scared. I somehow made my mom to buy me Helex(antidepressant) but she won't let me take them. She says i'm okay and only when it comes to crises she'll give me one. And i can't sleep. She yells at me all the time because of that, and i spend every night just staring at the celling. She says it's coz i don't really wanna sleep. :S
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yeah, i know all the tricks, but nothing is working. <br />
But thanx xx

Increasing serotonin levels help us to sleep. There's natural 5-htp supplements in health food stores that do that.

i think you need to relax and quiet down your mind. take a hot bath. drink something hot etc..<br />
also do exercise before you go sleep

Really?? woow, that's great, lucky you.<br />
naa, no problem, thank you :)

Yes sorry friend, as soon as I put that I thought it was a stupid thing to say. Where I live we are very lucky in that we don't even have to pay for medicines, let alone hospital / doctor visits. Appoligies :(

I know, but i live with my parents, and i don't work,so therefore i don't have money...and therapies are very expensive here. :/

Can't you take over your own care and go to the doctors yourself? or will you have to pay and don't have the money?<br />
You know better than your mum how your feeling, I don't like that she's waiting for a crisis. Take care.