Fear Of Dentist

I have always been afraid of the dentist since I was young. Just the sound of the drill just sends chills down my spine. Sometimes it feels as thought it will drive me up the wall. When I was in my late twenties there was a dentist who had the answer to my problem of avoiding going to the dentist. He put me under self-hypnosis to help me feel more relaxed. At the time I trusted the dentist after all he was my Dad's dentist too. So I knew I was in good hands. He would put his hand on my shoulder it was the signal to close my eyes and drift off into la la land. My mind would drift off to a quiet scenic place a long stretch beach of white sands blue skies and clear blue ocean water laying in a lounge chair not having a care in the world. To my surprise it worked I just block out the sounds and distractions even the sound of that noisy drill. But now I need to take Ativan to help me with my anxiety. Years ago there was no such thing as Ativan to take to self-medicate. Now whenever I see my dentist I need to take one Ativan which I placed underneath my tongue.
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Jul 14, 2010