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I have never taken and SSRI before and am a chicken about taking medications. I would love to hear some positive feedback on this to ease my mind before taking this drug. I have suffered from anxiety since I was 13, that was my first attack...since then, I have it periodically and now I am to the point to where I really am having a hard time dealing with it and cannot deal with it any longer without some help. Some people say to get psychiatric help, but I feel that it is a chemical imbalance, maybe it is both, that is why I am here.
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

This is my third time being on Celex. I was diagnosed with chronic depression as a child, but never medicated until 2008. Celexa is a very mild SSRI. I'm currently on 10mg (lowest dose possible). It's worked for me every time. Between suicidal thoughts & tendencies, postpartum depression, and now extreme anxiety attacks, it does its job and well. The only side effects I've ever encounted with it were for the first few days. The first day (every time I've been on it) I've forgotten what it did the first time which is make me nauseous and I forgot to take it with food until the next day. So, try to take it with food for at least the first week or so. The next side effect was sleeping. It knocked me out after about a half hour of taking it. I started taking it at night so that's not a problem. However, that again, only lasted a few days and never the entire time that I took Celexa. It wore off much more quickly this time than the first and second time I started taking Celexa. The other side effect was wonderful, over a period of time, I noticed a slow but steady weight loss. (Something that I reveled in as I had baby weight I was having trouble losing!) I got to a healthy weight, and stuck there. So make sure you're eating healthy with this medication. :)

I hope that this helps.

Celexa is effective.i have been on many anti depr. But lexipro is the best for me also imiprimine is great. Just keep taking as dr instructs and join anxiety group.breathing exercises r helpful.good luck to u.i,still a nut,at age 59.