Day 25 of Taking Celexa...

It's amazing. The only side effect that I have now, is yawning, and occasional exhaustion amplified by my RA. But it doesn't happen often. My mother has noticed a huge improvement in my mood. And so has my father. Once I pointed it out. I find I cry less. I don't cry at stupid things anymore. I don't hate myself as much. I'm finding good and positive things. This drug has literally saved me. I was always depressed. I always cried myself to sleep. I don't anymore. My suicidal thoughts disappeared. I was always moody and grumpy. And incredibly sad. So sad. I'm so much better, and I'm so greatful.

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What mg do you all take ? A half of 10mg doesnt seem to do much.

I also feel like I don't crash. I feel safer because I know I'm not going to panic or cry all night. My emotions are more stable and I'm able to be the person I want to be more with others. It's like I was starving or drowning before and mad at the world for it. Now I have an internal nourishment. I am finally, at age 38, feeling what I expect a lot of people take for granted their whole lives; enough seratonin!

But see, I don't feel as if I'm walking on a cloud. I feel.. stronger. I feel like I won't cry every time something bad happens, or if I do something stupid. I feel like I have a better grasp on things. On my emotions. I feel... like I've always thought I should. I'm not always constantly berating myself for every little thing. I'm not stressing myself out to the point of break downs. I feel like I can more efficiently handle things around me, without crashing. Without crying or freaking out. I mean.. it's kinda hard to explain, I'm not sure if I'm doing so well about it. It's transformed my moods drastically.

I am taking Celexa as well..but not for depression. It has been helping but if I am late for a dose I go off the deep end...or have wicked withdrawls. I'm happy this is working for you.

I won't disparage antidepressant use, I was on them myself for a long time, including Celexa. I know exactly how awesome it is to be walking around on a cloud no matter what happens, especially after suffering severe depression for many years. But bear in mind that the shrinks tell everyone that's depressed that they may have a chemical imbalance. Even if it's true, that doesn't mean that there isn't something external causing it.

Actually it is a chemical imbalance. I've never felt myself, even before the bad things happened to me, and I feel wonderful on this medication. I feel like it's all in place like it should be. Like a click.

That's awesome, now you don't have to deal with the cause of your depression.

I'm really happy for you!, and it will continue to get better!. I've been on celexa for years, and has helped me hugely.