This Is My Rock

This is where I come to vent my heart. This is where I learned to live again when I thought my life was done. I never believed I could find such beautiful people on the web, but here I find the most wonderful people, friends like I have never had before in my life. I wanted to find a place of refuge from my breaking heart and I found it here, but it didn't come full circle for me until I began to see that I have people here who truly care about me. I will probably never meet most of them. That tears at me a bit. I wish I could meet them all. They brought me back to life and gave me the ability to share my heart once more. I write on EP because this is my rock. This is where I feel alive again. This is where I met the people who believed in me. I never really had that before. My words, I hope, help to make others feel stronger, better, as others words have done for me. I love this place because it is true to real life in that it is full of change. It is constant in it's fluidity. It is...... life in it's purest form. A sharing of emotions, thoughts and experiences. We are all unique and the greatest thing is that we are from all over the world sharing with each other. I love this place.... It is all the world to me.

theredlady theredlady
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8 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Oh 8FD.. that was beautiful. Thank you... I don't know what to say.....

Dear theredlady EP is merely the raindrop through which your soul-light shines to gift everyone the rainbow that is your unfolding origin story...<br />
<br />

And a happy Valentines Day to you two!

Happy Valentines day redlady!<br />

Aww you guys are going to make me cry! LOL I love you guys!

And you're our rock TRL :D We love you! *hugs*

Awww thank you ames.... your my little sweetheart. *hugs*

we love u2 and we love ur words too..glad u r here*hugs