Vivid Dreams

I started taking Cymbalta for fibro. In my opinion it does not work. i was very depressed at the time and I am better, but I feel I may have been depressed because I was not using my estrogen patches as I had just had a total hysterectomy. I just forgot and I KNOW that can effect your moods and such. Do I stop taking the Cymbalta. I do know I get better rest and I now have more vivid dreams that i remember. The only thing is whatever I dream about seriously affects my life when I am awake. Like dreaming of my grandma and her old house number and address. Now I am getting a tat with a big 309 for her address and a picture of her house inside the numbers. Or dreaming of my x and then i can not get him off of my mind. Or of all of my old toys and then now I'm trying to find replicas of them on the net. Kind of fun but I'm 46. LOL !
Terrydarlene Terrydarlene
46-50, F
1 Response May 5, 2012

First off dreaming and it dramatically effecting your life seems a little silly to me. I have heard of vivid dreams but are you saying that Cymbalta is making you get the tattoo like that? Please clarify. You say it does not "work" but, it is effective enough to alter your mind enough for the tattoo thing?