A Normal Weekend

a normal weekend with me and my mates involves drinking almost always.  well normally have drinks at a friends house before heading out to a party or out on the town, more than likely getting really wasted.  once we get to the party everyone keeps drinking and its normally really really fun :)

other times there are fights when the boys get agressive, or somebody ****** off a bogan chick or something.  chicks might end up vomiting (but thats kinda normal) and once one of my friends got touched really inappropriately by somebody everyone trusted. more than a few times, everyone, at one time or another, has had a night they cant remember a thing of.  the worst thing is waking up in the morning and not knowing what went on the night before and being informed. that can be really embarrassing! but other than that things are normally really cool!

sometimes we smoke weed to pass the time if theres nothing else to do, keep in mind this isnt all that often.  i probably only do it once or twice a month depending whats going on.

ecstasy is the only other thing and normally we only have it at some big event like a concert or a festival. iv only ever done it 4 times at the moment.  probs a pill n a half or just a pill each time.


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1 Response Mar 3, 2009

Trust me from one pot head to another quit smoking and drinking before your broke, dead, or in jail. As I have found over the past few years smoking and drinking leads to nothing but trouble and possible legal issues.