Snow Boarding On LSD In Japan

 I usually am surrounded by friends who take drugs frequently.  Most are pretty successful, either DJs , music producers, sound engineers and other assorted groovers and all our girlfriends.

We were in Tokyo, and 8 of us, 4 girls, 4 guys caught the flight to the island of Hokkaido, a 90 minute flight to where some of the best powder snow in the world is.  You are literally boarding down extinct snow-covered volcanos.

The flight was an early one full of Japanese businessmen, we all hung out at the back flirting with the stewardesses, drinking bloody marys and doing lines of coke in the bathroom.  We stayed there 4 days and everyday was the same.  A few joints before breakfast, a couple of wine coolers to wash down the first xtc pill, then hit the slopes.  And when you are gliding down those wonderful slopes and the ecstacy hits you and you make these wide warm sexy curves in the snow,.... well you know you're on the right track.  

we'd do a second pill later in the afternoon as well as stopping on the edge of the piste (ski-run), take one snowboard across the knees, rack up a line for each of us, and off we'd go.  We smoke joints on all the chair-lifts too of course.

Well by the time sunset arrives we're starting to feel a bit tired and thats when we'd take half a hit of acid.  They have night skiing (lit up areas) that stay open till late, so we'd laugh and board until about 9 ish, then off to the natural hotsprings (and being in a hot-tub only makes you feel higher....)  and then go back to the hotel room for more shenanigans.

**** I miss those crazy daze in Japan

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2009

we got drugs on the plane because we were younger and perhaps foolish, it was a domestic flight and in japan foreigners get away with a lot.... es for EX and snow, you are right, the cold usually does kill the buzz (like when you're outside a club queueing to get in on a cold nite....) but if you're warm and snug in your snowboarding outfit it really is good, .... those marvelous slow soft turns in the snow just seem to embrace you.......

Those are just of the experiences you can only tell someone who has been under the influences to gasp. I don't know how you got coke on the plane. I did it once. :-) Everyone tells me how wonderful snow and ex is but I would think the cold snow would snap you out. <br />
Cheers;;<br />
to more blissful memories