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Theres only 6 people in this group, this either means that a whole lot of people are clean, that a lot of people don't do drugs anymore, or that a lot of people aren't willing to admit they do.

My brother started smoking pot when he was 12, I was 8, had my first cigarette/joint/bong by 10.
Never caught on with smoking cigarettes, I didn't like the taste or the smell they left on me.
Joints relaxed me and made me not care about everything, my family at that stage was a bit shaken.
I hated bongs, they made me feel scummy and the whole thing was too obvious and took too much effort.

By 12 I'd moved to England, me and my friends were sneaking around using most weekends, one of my friends rolled down a hill in a small wood near home on mescaline, we didn't know where he had gone and didn't realise until 5 hours later, he was found the next day with two broken ribs.
It might not sound like much, but messing with mescaline stopped there.

Ether I didn't like much, it made me drowsy and sleepy, sometimes if I had a lot of it I wouldn't be able to move or speak coherently, most of the time I sat around and watched my brothers friends trying to walk to the bathroom and ******* themselves.

At 14 I had my first taste of ecstasy and cocaine, my preferred highs to this day.   They were highs I could never shake off, unlike weed, ether and mescaline, these two drugs separate or combined gave me a high I always wanted again and again, more than food and sleep.

By 15 I moved to Australia, for a year or so I stayed clean didn't do much except get drunk, when my brother moved here as well we eventually found the stoner crowd, while he had found his drug of choice I was still craving cocaine or at least ecstasy.

To this day, I've hardly ever payed for any of the drugs I've taken, they were always offered by boyfriend, friends or dealers I knew.

Only last year I tried ice (crystal meth), it doesn't give me much of a high, I always do it with friends, I used to do it with a few people that were heavily into it and used crack pipes, which gave me a better high than snorting, but now selling crack pipes in Australia is illegal, and the girl I usually do ice with was heavy into it last year, then came out clean, changed number, ditched the group, and to not have a crack pipe laying around whenever she gets it we snort it...which isnt so bad, the high isnt much if you dont do more than 2 points or so at a time, but it keeps us awake for ages and kills any need for food.

Now and then I have eccys, which are good, any upper is good...but its again the high that I never want to let go of, I always want to keep the buzz going.

I haven't had cocaine for a has completely replaced it in the market, its harder to come across than it was last year or the year before and a lot more expensive.


Thats it.
I don't feel like any emotional **** right now.
I just wanted to get facts out of the way.

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right on. i did speed for like 6 years but am clean now. coke never did much for me, it seemed like i had to do so much more of it to get the same high as i did with the speed or the ice. plus it's not as plentiful here. i live in the south, the meth capitol of the world lol i've done a lot of x and acid and your run of the mill pharms but i mostly stick to the smoke now. gotta admit, though, the craving for the gogogo always stays with you.