Moments Frozen In Time.

These are events that became freeze frame moments for me.

The moment I learned Elvis had died.
August 17 1977, cutting hay, just cutting around the south side of a slough in the southwest corner of number four field. Listening to 1140 CKXL radio 3:00PM news.
I was never a fan of Elvis but he was always on the radio back then, not sure why it stuck.

The moment I learned the space shuttle Challenger exploded.
January 28 1986, hauling hay to Montana, just entered the town of Taber on highway 36, listening to the 10AM news on 1090 Chec.
I didn't realize how attached I was to the space shuttles, it hit me like a brick.

The moment I heard my wife was giving birth to our son.
November 12 1994, about 1:30PM just signing the papers after trading my street bike for a sport quad. I'm just handing my Visa to the sales guy when my cell phone rings and my wife announces she's in the hospital. She'd just had a Chinese food lunch with a good friend and went into labor, 20 minutes later he was born, one hour later I was there...
We'd discussed the chances of her going giving birth before I left that morning, it was a week or so before her due date, our oldest was late and my wife was showing no signs of going into labor so we figured we were safe... I guess he wanted to go for a ride :)

The moment I learned the world trade center had been hit.
September 11 about 8:15AM, repairing gauges in the dash of a Volvo boom truck, regular broadcasting was interrupted at CBC radio to announce the world trade center had been stuck by a plane, then continuous coverage for the rest of the day...

There are many more important memories in my life including the birth of my other children, my marriage etc. but these are the ones that stand out as actual "freeze frame" moments. It's hard to describe, it's like it happened moments ago or I'm right there still. I can see, feel, hear everything, it's weird.

Thanks for reading, it's another of my life's experiences.
Youneke Youneke
46-50, M
3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Frozen moments. I get that. True we have them. My oldest daughter was born November 9!
Like you, was never into Elvis but as kids I guess we heard him so much he was just there. I remember all the talk on the news about his death...

I can remember all those events too - well except for your son's birth :)
Elvis - while I was swimming at the public pool, Challenger - walking into my dorm and seeing everyone huddled around the TV in the common room, 9/11 - woken by a phone call that seemed like a nightmare as if I were still sleeping. Moments in time our brain and senses never forget. Well written descriptions my friend!

Those are memories that stick with a person. I recall the first time my husband said he loved me when we were dating, and our wedding day. There are also tragic dates, such as the day my parents had passed. I recall what I was doing and even thinking on each ocassion. These are the memories that live with us for a lifetime.