Effexor And Dialated Pupils

I have been on effexor for 2 weeks and my pupils are huge. Not a big deal except I already have low vision. Does anyone know if this goes away over time?
cry4adonai cry4adonai
1 Response Jul 25, 2010

Interesting question. I have BIG eyes and I have the same thing happening to me. My eyes are already huge and when my pupils become enlarged, it's very evident and it looks super weird. I don't want others to see me ang think I'm on other street drugs or something. I've been on Effexor about 2 months and I do not see this happen any less or more...it appears to stay the same. Try researching it or asking your doctor about it. I'm okay w most side effects as long as they aren't life altering, like massive weight gain. <br />
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Good kuck to all of us Effexor users!<br />
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