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Trying To Stop After 15 Yrs On 400 Mg Per Say

I started Jan 2012 by reducing the amt. by 25% of a 100mg pill every 15 days. To date I am at 225 mg. per day. no major problems to date, but I seem I can't get up and going like I should.
blueberrry blueberrry 66-70 1 Response Apr 13, 2012

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What do you mean by "like you should"?<br />
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Why are you coming off at all?<br />
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After 15 years i FX the word "should" has no meaning as you cannot expect to be what you were before or what you were on the higher dose. AT 225 the effects are minimal and likely to be not helping at all thus symptoms are being felt again. 225 or less is not a therapeutic dose as I know it.<br />
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Don't get why you are coming off. It must have been OK for 15 years of taking it so why the change? New doctor?<br />
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The coming off problem doesn't start until you stop it altoether, even if that last dose is 18.5 mgs. It's once your body can't dind ANY that the bad stuff kicks in. SOme don't have the bad times so cross fingers. You'll know, it's not subtle if you do.<br />
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Cannot fathom the comng off after 15 years. What went wrong? If it started to falter it's most unlikely after all that time but you can go up to 550 to get better results, until that wears out. Very worried for you. This ain't no kid's med, it's a serious drug and can hurt.