My Brothers Enema

I still remember when I recived MY first enemas from mom which actually took place for laughing at my brother's... so I will begin with that. My brother always being cocky and not wanting to share a bag of roasted pumpkin seeds with me, ate the entire bag. Well two days later he found himself in a world of hurt, seriously bound up and at the doctors. Doctors orders... give him an enema and he'l be fine. So me and Mom stopped at the drugstore to purchase a combo enema bag. When we got home it was filled with nice warm soapy water and waiting for my brother's bare bottom! Mom and dad asked me to stay out of little brother's bedroom so I put my ear to the door to listen out of curiosity. I could hear him scream NO! I DON'T WANT IT!, some kicking and a swat on his bare butt. No sooner was the nozzle inserted and the clamp released then I heard a WHOOSH, FRAAP! and dad yelling.. son of a *****!. Brother had expelled and shot the nozzle out! after he proceeded to make a mess of his bed,himself nd the floor He managed to kick a hole in his wall! I just couldn't help myself laughing at his plight and numerous spankings. I laughed so hard I fell down. The door came open in a big hurry and Dad said YOU WANNA BE NEXT? I kept laughing though so Mom dragged me to MY room and said NOW LAY DOWN! I was a nervous wreck but very curious as well so I undressed and layed on my bed. I felt the cold plastic nozzle go in and a whoosh! as the clamp was opened. Mom didn't notice but I had gotten a wet spot on the underpad and not from the enema either! A week later I was begging for another enema, even to the point of faking constipation. After not going for four days I got my wish. I was in 7th grade at this time but unphased by mom's enema since I had had them as a young child. To this day I still get them from mom.
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Your story about laughing at your brother's enema ordeal and the price you paid reminds me of the time I saw my little sister getting a glycerin suppository across my mom's lap when I was a kid. I just couldn't stop laughing because she looked so funny, what with her little legs thrashing up and down, screaming blue murder, and my mom's finger up her butt. That turned out to be a big mistake and my laughing immediately turned to tears when my mom turned round to me and said .... "I don't know what you're laughing about, because you're next!"

guess thats why they say payback is a B**** LOL, so you really got a suppository for laughing?

I'm pretty sure, looking back, that I was going to be next no matter what I did. I think my laughing simply gave my mom an opportunity to let me know ahead of time - so I guess the punishment for having a laugh at my sister's expense was the mental agony of knowing, for a few minutes at least, that I was also going over my mom's lap, screaming and kicking, to have a suppository forced up my little butt.

This is all new to me, but (hehehe) come here and I'll play !

I wonder if your mom ever noticed the wet spots on the pad. Mine, of course, noticed my erections, but just told me they were natural, and nothing to be ashamed of. She'd leave me alone to hold it in, and of course, I always took full advantage of that. :)