Called In

It seems all I've been doing is getting and going. Total burn-out!
My days off, I try to get around to every chore that needs to be done here at home. But I am dragging butt.
It bothers me to see myself so listless.
.... I may bounce off of one wall to another on this writing.....
I do not like my cooks job.
I work with... very angry, depressing over-worked souls.
I work so hard at my job, for pennies... It depresses me!
..... other wall....
I do love cleaning homes, it is rewarding. Just think ....A hard working mother comes home from her hard day and walks into her home to see things cleaned and shining... that's nice.
She has time for her family now!
..... over here now
I am putting my Ad into the paper hoping to build my business up once again after it crashed in March.
There are two new factories, lots of building going on here. So, it's a perfect time to gather more clients!
..... over here now....
I called in sick yesterday. Yup, sure did. SIGH...........
I worked non-stop in my home yesterday. Dusted, mopped, clean cabinets out. The house is beautiful now, I feel better.
Sooo. I did what I wanted to yesterday. Cared for myself and my own responsibilties. Did exactly what I wanted to do.
.... today, I have a cleaning job and follow it with cooking. I want to be home at nights. This daylight to dark working crap has got to end.
Yup, I am money hungry but... it's killing me.. body, soul and mind!!!!
With a room mate now, I don't have to kill myself by working to death.
Soooo, I am going to do what I wish to do. Be just a housekeeper for folks.
I won't quit the cooks job till I have a couple more cleaning jobs.
I almost make double the money cleaning than working as a cook!
As a housecleaner, I'd only need to work 15 to 20 hrs. Instead of 25 to 30 hrs as a cook. For the same amount of pay and ..... be much happier.
Nobody can take care of myself but ME!
The decision has been made!!!!
.... This has been the rattling of a burnt-out soul! *smile*
Have a Blessed day!

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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

No wonder you are burnt out!!! Mental health days are so important now and again.... Take care!

hmm *smile* Thank you. I am aiming to correct this attitude I am experiencing lately. Have a good day!

You do the same! Thanks for breezing through my morning! ;-)

ya know, I read my Tarot cards once a week for myself. The Tarot card I show as who I am this week ... is Prudence.... The ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason.,,,, good judgement! I am doing just that! Thanks!

That's cool! Interesting....

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