Yeah since I was little I really didn't like life at all. I remember thinking at 6 yrs. old what was the point if your just gonna die. I was a angry kid and would take it out on my mother who was an angel. At age 10 I only wanted to live till I was 22 and only so I could party. During school I didn't even want friends but people continued to come to me I would say hi but nothing more by high school I was a lone wolf that skipped classes and didn't pay attention and would mostly sleep my days away until I want home to sleep the rest away. I graduated high school and for a year I didn't see anyone except occasionally my mom I hid in my room and waited to die I got so bad I started getting bed sores. After a 1 1/2 years I start hearing people and realized I didn't wanna be alone and that I wanted people in my life. So I decides to go to a rehabilitation group home at 19 years old...I'm starting late but for the past two years I have improved a lot and all the difficulty's I face I know were my fault. Now I thrive to succeed at life and prove my ten year old self wrong.
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Good for you. I know how it feels to feel stuck and then to get out of that feeling. You will do great, make the most of it.

thank you for the support hmu up anytime

What a great story and your trajectory in life matches mine, almost to a T (I also ended up in residentials as a teen and thought I would die at the age of 24)... You are going to have a great life and it will always be as amazing as you decide to make it. I look forward to watching you as you go along.

thanks maybe we can talk sometime

Definitely... that would be very cool!


what you mean?