Medication For Fun, And For Needed Usage.

This is my first story!.......I was diagnosed recently with adult add as well as post traumatic stress disorder, and of course what we all have - high anxiety. I take prozac, abilify, klonopin, and adderall. A slew of meds..... They help, honestly every one of them.... but I have begun to realize I can't go without them. The adderall gives me the energy, focus, and mood high that I need, the prozac and abilify just helps make me more happy overall, and the klonopin help me chill the f**** out when things make me wanna pull my hair out. I love my pills. I used to abuse opiates, and anything I could get my hands on really, but now I don't, and yet still rely on these pills I take to make me - "me" ......... Anyway. I'm an addict, once again, but in the "right" way I suppose. Is that crazy.....?
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well if it helps you then take them and enjoy life I say

No, you aren't were probably running around doing 10,000 things at once and none of them worth a I was.

I take Vyvance (which is the newest, bestest Adderall), and I feel even better than I did. But the best part (to me, at least) is understanding where I was at in my life BEFORE my ADHD diagnosis and where I am now.

And once again (IMHO) can't be "addicted" to a drug that allows you to function as a regular person that is accountable and responsible for her actions.

Well i think taking your meds is important but I don't think you are crazy.
I am ADHD and never take anything for it.One thing that helps is a lot of exercise which I do and that helps my hyperactivity.I still forget tons of stuff just told to me but I manage it w/our meds.Thanks for your story hang in there.