It's The Strays Che' Katz Condo!

It's funny that I saw this pop up on EP today, cause I was just commenting how we have a rotating cast of strays that frequent our property to come eat at various times of the day.

It's almost comical how the various cats will circulate, one at a time, and slink across our backyard, all the while scanning to see if there's another one nearby, and then after carefully looking around, bury their head in a bowl of dry cat food to each once or twice a day. I can almost set my watch by when certain cats will show up.

Now, we set up a dishpan with dry sand in it to act as a litterbox last week, but so far, none of them have taken advantage of it. And so, I have to wonder where they are doing their it in our flower bed? In a neighbor's flower bed? In their own litter box? or do they all have their own location?

One of the most friendly cats is a young one year old who positively jumps to bump her head against your leg or hand when you walk outside...even though there is a bowl of dry food there already, she acts like she is so thrilled to see you. Some vigorous petting and she settles down to eat in the bowl, but she needed that first human contact to tell her it was OK to eat. You can almost hear her purr as she jumps up against you, she seems so starved for attention and affection. (She's going to have to be caught and fixed pretty soon before she has a litter. There's always an extra tom or two around who will oblige a willing woman in our neighborhood, despite the presence of the local animal shelter head living across the street from us.

Oops, got to go...the next round of feeding is due...
studfinder studfinder
56-60, M
Jan 10, 2013