Give 'Em a Break

I'm a softie (don't tell anyone). I've taken in strays of all kinds from cats to people. I've had at least 7 homeless acquaintances (people), and 10 stray cats under my roof at different times. I can't stand the idea of someone I work with sleeping in their car during an ice storm or an innocent animal cast aside and starving or freezing due to no fault of their own so I take them in. Hell, it's only what I'd want someone to do for me under the same circumstances. Sometimes people and critters just "need a break" and moreso someone to give it to them when everyone else turns their backs. That's where I come in. Of all the people I've taken in and supported only one ripped me off and abused my trust. Of all the animals I've taken in none have taken advantage of me. Muffy my big orange cat was a "barn cat" kitten, and Socks my tiny gray cat came from a cat rescue shelter. I've recieved more joy from my strays than grief and the pic above closely resembles my latest project. Unable to come up with a good name for him his name is "Stray Guy", a cat that was surviving off of scraps from my compost pile. I started leaving food & water out for him and he was very skiddish at first, not allowing me to be anywhere near him, but one day he decided I wasn't a threat and then he was a total loverboy demanding my complete attention and showed that he was  obviously very affection starved. He's got lots of scars from being an outside tom cat but is a "pussycat" in  his interactions with me. I can't afford to get him fixed right now but gave him Frontline just as with my indoor cats and plan on getting him fixed if not for his own benefit but for the benefit of future unborn strays. I can no longer leave my home without him following me, rubbing my legs and showing his affection. A little care pays off in a big way!

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<3 So cute!

I signed up just to tell you: Yes, you are a softie :) and you sir are adorable!!!. May God bless your soul. Many men has a lot to learn from you, you are a real Men. Thanks for helping those poor animals, I do my bit in my country as well. It is just like you said: it's not their fault, no animal deserves to be on the streets because of human mistakes or evilness. Thank you thank you thank you. And I also took people in, and like you, I had a few bad experiences but with animals, never.

May God bless you sir.

I do not like cats due to various reasons. But, I do like dogs and we have had a stray from the Battersea Dogs Home (UK btw).
We found that this stray just took to us. I was in my mid teens and along with my siblings we had to fight to spend time with her. In return we responded with kind affection and knew what it was to be loved.

How about instead of people freeloading they go out and get a job. Obviously a cat cant do it, but why would someone you know from work need to stay somewhere if they have a job? Take advantage of the opportunity at your job and be thankful you have one, dont just do the bare minimum do something bigger and dont expect people to give you everything! this is whats wrong with this country people like you, giving out freebies how do you think this great country got in the mess we're in now? I'm a very successful businessman, I didnt have one thing given to me and now I'm a CEO of a company. I don't know how I even got to this article but I had to see the nonsense that was written. How about you go out and get a life instead of taking in cats, when you also talk about how you would kill someone that you "once trusted." That's a very hypocritical statement to call yourself a "softie" but at the same time you would murder a human being. Do something useful with your life and instead of being a deadbeat who rants about his cats on the internet go out and do something better, help with Habitats for Humanity, or Wayside Waifs. That way you can still "take random people in" or let stray cats have a place to go.

You, sir, are a disease. You hide behind your wealth and success, but really it only shows the cold, hard texture of your heart. What will you be left with at your death? A mountain of wealth, but the only memory you leave behind is a sad and lonely one. Money and success doesn't make someone good, a loving heart does and you clearly lack one. You realize some people don't live as privileged as others? Obviously both men have a job, but one lives in a car. Without further understanding the circumstances of either people you quickly make a judgement. I highly doubt you are wealthy or manage a high tier company, because you clearly lack education and deductive reasoning.

Wow! What a hater! People try to be kind to a fellow human being and you criticize ? What's the last good deed you accomplished? Bet you go to church every Sunday and tell God what a good Christian you are to. You must not have much of a life if you are browsing the Internet and find us experience project people. We all come here for support. So since you are nothing but a hater and have such a great life get off our site.

That is a truly good thing to do.

You are a wonderful man and I just wish that every single person in this world were as caring as you. That you don't differentiate between animals and people is truly inspiring. Please don't give up on your acts of kindness - this world needs people like you. I could tell you my stories too but you deserve this whole email dedicated to you and everyone else that has a kind and giving heart and also makes home for those in need.

I have 3 cats (House mates as they feel they are my equals). One was a street rescue and 2 came from a shelter.

Sometimes I see the street rescue watch the rain outside and then come over and head butt me for a petting. I feel that he knows he is warm and safe inside and is thanking me.

Thank you very much!

Well done mate you got a heart of gold.

Thats awesome

AWWW that's such a touching story. I rescued my dog too, and stray birds and turtles are my friends. Thanks for posting this, it really means alot that someone else also cares about these poor animals. I'm 17 so I dont really have a house of my own, but when I grow up, I plan on adopting my kids. Thanks for being an inspiration to me, this story really touched me, and I hope that I will be like that someday

Thank you.

I have 3 little furry housemates (i.e. cats). One was a street rescue and 2 were from the shelter. <br />
The street rescue has sat looking at the rain or snow through the window then has come over to head bump me for petting. I can't hep but feel he appreciates not being out there!

all my pets, except one, came from the shelter. the exception is a 'runaway,' he was our neighbors' cat and would come to play with our puppy. when the neighbor got a new dog he decided he didn't want to live there and just wouldn't stay home. after trying to convince him he lived 'there' we finally realized he had runaway to our home. that was about six years ago and he's good buddies with our two dogs and friendly with the other two cats. it makes my heart glad to know you are there being kind and generous and i hope if the day ever comes you need help someone is there for you.

I admire you. I could perhaps take in a domesticated; not wild animal. I'm a man but I am far more guarded when it comes to people as I had someone who I thought was a friend aim a gun at me and pulled the trigger.

I agree, people are far less trustworthy. I had a "friend" do the same to me. My adrenaline kicked in, I grabbed him by the throat and lifted a foot from the ground till he was gasping. Then I Kicked him out of my home ... he screamed lies and threats but it was too late. He was homeless, out of my life , and he knew that if he returned I'd probably kill him. Cats are easier. People are a gamble.

I had a coop w/ over 100 pigeons as a child. I have since raised chickens and geese. It all depends on the keeper whether they're mean or not.

Wow, Awesome this is perfect sutff :)<br />


So there still are good people in this world after all..your story warmed my heart, thank you


My mom is the same as you. She's opened her home to many people and animals. It's true, the animals are much more gracious about it. I think It's great what you do. People would get an attitude about my mom but she didn't care. Her house was clean, along with her conscience.

Aww that's sweet! I agree with joanmajor123, most men would not admit to that, but I think it's nice!

Bless you and your kind heart x

Right on you had better success than me with people I had to learn my lesson the hard way but in the end I felt better cause I cared and tried! ... I have stuck with cats and cant go wrong as long as they are fixed!

I loved your story. Seems like people these days are just out for themselves... It's so refreshing to know that there still are people who give of themselves. Give that orange kitty a pat on the head for me. He looks like a cuddle bug! :)

Real heroes don't wear tights and fly, sir. Real heroes give from kindness to those in need. Coming from a soon-to-be stray, you're a hero to me.

All my cats are rescues. I too can't stand the thought of a kitty neglected & without a home


Cats or humans........both are delicious.......<br />
<br />
Ok.....humans need a little more Worcestershire sauce........


Wow, what a great story, you softie you (shhhh, I won't tell anyone). Kindness to us is instinctual. Being praised for it uncomfortable. I completely understand. I'm glad you were rewarded in more ways than you can imagine. You deserve it :D

Psychiclady messaged me about the feral cat contraceptive and the name was misspelled. the product is Feralstat:<br />
"FeralStat is available by prescription only. You must speak to our veterinarian who will prescribe it if it is appropriate for your feral cat colony. <br />
<br />
For information on obtaining a FeralStat prescription: <br />
<br />
Call 860-399-0097<br />
E-mail (e-mail inquiries must include a contact telephone number for follow up).<br />
FeralStat is a registered trademark of FeralStat, Inc." <br />
I hope this info will be of help!

You are such a warm and kind person. I'm so glad to have read your post as it made me feel good, knowing theirs still good people out there. I have 3 cats + 1 dog. I'm somewhat the same when it comes to stray cats. I feed them and in winter, I try my best building shelters for them. Great job cutie, keep it up! :)

Thanks Sis!

We fixed all ours. We have 8. I will share my story when I'm in a better mood. I think you're awesome though darlin'. & it's got nothing to do with the strays you take in. ; )

That's pathetic! I know someone who is similar. She feeds 30+ cats without considering that they're going to breed like rabbits leaving more sick unfixed stray kittens to suffer. Very sad.

You are awesome wish there was more people like you. I have a barn cat love her to pieces, Yeah you are a softie. but that is good at least you have a heart...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments! I'll have to read up on femstat, I've never heard of it.

We have a few cats ourselves. We are currently using femstat for our cats as the females are impossible to get them in a carrier, so I sprinkle this femstate on wet food, mix it up a bit and they eat it. It is working for the outside and inside cats so they won't go into heat. It works on males, females and safe for kittens. <br />
<br />
I think some of us are Caretakers and it is our inner goal to take care of others be it human or cat, dog etc. <br />
<br />
It is nice to see another person who cares to help others, when i saw the pic i swear I saw the name Henry on the pic..I am strange but psychic yes for over 30 years I have been doing psychic reading, I always know and feel when a cat is pure love and joy, Like My Pretty ragdoll that passed away, I knew and felt she wanted to be loved and held! I was right as she had bought so much peace and joy to my 3 males cats that they stopped fighting as soon as she passed away now they are back to fighting...<br />
<br />
I miss my ragdoll Pretty...

i think u are incredible. i am a woman so i hesitate to help as i often do get burned but i admire people who can do it. i agree sometimes people just need a break. not everyone is bad just cos they broke and battling. I gave a black man a lift today. i live in south africa and its not advised for a woman to give a man a ride, but i always feel that i want to. so i did and it was a great experience. thank you and keep up your holy work

you a gift. thank you for your compassion for the needy and the strays.

I loved your story. I have spent the last 5 yrs. of my life with one foot in the streets and many people turned their backs on me, but it only took one stranger's kindness to give me the courage to face tomorrow's uncertainties. Thank you for continuing to help people, even after someone ripped you off.

god bless you sir! <br />
<br />
<br />
i only took in 3 cats....but i donate to the local shelter. my time and food. its the least i can do. or i would be living with 10+ cats and dogs

My sister and bro-in-law are also into saving stray cats and dogs, and so im very proud of them. I have big respect for people like you. I salute you.

I'm about to delete this post out of embarassment for all of the "atta boy" posts I've gotten. It's pretty basic people. Do unto others... How would you want to be treated? Simple values, not heroic, and if it's that rare then that says very little for the world we live in doesn't it?

What a wonderful thing you are doing for these animals and people. You have a good heart. And Stray Guy is such a sweet looking cat. I can see how he can worm his way into your heart. The blessings are on both sides.

How true friedacamille!

Strays (four-legged & otherwise) are no strangers to us. Farmers have always been huge targets for irresponsible humans to simply fling their (now pregnant, or unwanted, or no longer a cute little puppy or kitty) out of their cars or more likely mega-buck SUV's on their way back to the city, whence they came. We've also cared for humans in pretty dire straits. <br />
And Yes, as zillaron says, a smidgen of care and compassion comes back to us manifold. <br />
The world is a pretty scary place, and I always under-estimate my importance, and whether or not my actions here do the least amount of good. But actually, how much worse would the world be without all of us incognito guardian angels who simply go about silently doing a bit of good wherever we can?

I like this story so much!

I wish my ardour were this way. I feel like if and when i get a house of my own, i would do the same. Its not their fault.

Thanks to all, but doing the right thing should be the norm, not heroic.

A wonderful story! You have a kind heart. Thanks for sharing this!

Great post thanks, I enjoyed it

Such a beautiful story. You have a wonderful heart.

Caring for disadvantaged animals has a very real rewarding side , wouldn't you agree?

Not too many men these days will admit to having a caring side. You are one in a million !!!!!!!

You are a real gentleman !

good man!


I so admire you, and your wonderful soul. May you be richly rewarded in a way precious to you.

Aw shucks, tweren't nuthin'

Wow, if me or my kids are ever in a jam, hope they come across a generous caring person like yourself! Thumbs up to you!

Thank you!

awww!! Good person. you are a good person, I'm going to add you.

So much like myself,all my pets are either strays or damaged by people and I rescued them,I bought my dogs a huge Kennel with a run,all fenced in just to be used if the weather was good and I had to go out BUT the 1st time I did go out I found a pidgeon hit by a car,I took it home and fixed her up,her wing had been broken but after a few months she could fly so I released her,she took off,flew around about 2xft in the air,looked down at me and landed back on my head,she's going nowhere now,her choice,she won't go,guess she realised how good she has it,that was 2yrs ago and since then I've taken in another,hit by a car,couldn't fix her but she's in no pain so I lowered a couple of perches I made and she's walks around and perches to watch me,they are company for each other and now I'm wondering what will be next!!. I'm so pleased you do what you do,well for stray 2 legged,all the kids in the area call me Ma,they come to me with their problems and I'm always honest with my answers to them,now I don't just have 2 sons,its more like 18..and they all continue to visit me to this day,some have been visiting for 12 years and I love them all....

I forgot to mention,the Huge kennel and run is now an aviary for my girls,the pidgeons that people call vermin..they obviously don't realise just how clever and loving these birds can be.....