But Am Sorta Embarrassed For Some Reason

I am not a crazy cat lady!! Of my 4 cats, the first two were twins from a litter across the street a friend convinced me to adopt, one was mine and one was hers but when she moved out she never came back and got hers...so I took it with me to my next apartemtn with my kitty. Their names are rebel and rampage(main coons). My next kitty I adopted he was out in freezing cold weather and no home, I put him in my coat and he jumped in our van. He's black and his name is sabbath. The newest cat is named Shiva--part silver part egyptian mau it appears, he was caught in a car fan and had shaved fur and was scared of us at first. At the time sabbath had gotten out and I put food around the property, and when I got him back inside the food there attracted the stray cat. He is very playful and quick and can catch flies with amazing speed and accuracy.

somehow all are males around 2 years old...shiva might be younger, like 1 year old.



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I have seven Kitties now. The eldest is about 14 and youngest 6.<br />
<br />
Two males and the rest females. They are all rescued and desexed. They rule the house !

lol... if you really love your cats(like I do) you wouldn't care about what other people think!

You're alright......crazy cat lady!!<br />
If you have some extra cats, I have some extra some BBQ sauce......

Why do people assume that because you care for cats you must be a crazy cat lady? Why is that term so derogratory rather than endearing?