We Found Some More

On the Fourth of July a friend came over to my house and we set off to the park to watch fireworks.  On our way we could sort of see something on the sidewalk and we wondered what they were.  Coming up closer we could see that they were a couple of little kittens.  We stopped to pet them and asked the woman standing nearby if they were hers but they weren't.

We didn't want to leave them there (after all, I've had three stray cats and she volunteers at an animal shelter) so we each grabbed one and continued on our way.

As we were nearing the park (we were going to sit far away and leave if the kitties freaked out) we passed a street where some guys were setting off their show.
The kittens weren't happy so we turned around and brought them back to my apartment.

We fed them, played with them, everything.  A little gray female named Tanya and a little black male named Michael.  
Mom had me keep them outside overnight because my friend wasn't allowed to take them home and mom is allergic.  But I gave them more food and water and they stayed all night.

The next day another friend picked the both of us up to go play Dungeons and Dragons and we took the kittens to Angels for Animals.  But the area where you're supposed to drop off strays was dirty and it smelled horrible.  Not to mention the giant sign that said "We can't save these animals without your help; Any animals abandoned here will be euthanized"
So we kept the kitties.

They stayed with us while we played DnD and eventually the third friend was forced to take them home with him.  As far as I know he still has them and I feel really bad but he likes them so...*shrug*

But here's the thing, they were litter-box trained.  So we have no idea where they came from.

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Wow...i love kittens.Your so lucky you go to keep them.There is stray kittens that visit my garden quite often.There was one cat that visited and i named her Tibby and later on she looked really fat and layed down on the floor a lot.So i knew she was goind to have kittens.And one day..poof..Tibby came with two kittens that looked just like her.I named the kittens Tibby Jr and Donny Darko...