RELIEF At Last For Bi-polar/depression

I take lamictal for my mood disorder.  It made a huge difference in my life.  It is the difference in getting up and the morning - like normal people - without a horrible struggle and sleeping until 12:00 noon - even though I was suppose to work - but just couldnt get up. 

When I run out, like I am  out right now, Life becomes very difficult. I am going to see him next week.  He test me to make sure i am not using (meth) - he says i have to stop or he will take  me off.  I hate myself for opening up and being honest with him....because i am trying to quit - but without my medication - forget it - i will just use the meth to control my moods - well, not really, I don't mean it like that - well, actually, i guess i really do......i'm not going to go crazy doing it.....but i know that i will "self medicate". 

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4 Responses Sep 7, 2008

My daughter is on lamictal 100 mg and she has had a sore throat , fever,body aches,sleeps like 18 hrs a day muscle and body aches, for a total of 3and 1/2 weeks. Nobody will listen we have been to the phsyc, 2 medical doctors and the ER! then I read that lamictal could cause this. should I wean her off it on my own? Her psyc really doesnt seem to care and said it couldnt be the medicines probably a virus. what do you think

My doctor wants me to start taking Lamictal since Ive had no libido taking Lexapro 20mg a day. Im kind of scared to take Lamictal after reading about all the side effects. What is the general concensus on taking lamictal? I will be weaning off Lexapro. Iam also taking Wellbutrin. Any suggestions ? Im leaning towards giving Lamictal a try.

I started out on 25mg lamictal for depression but when we increased to just 50mg per day my depression got worse, I became withdrawn, ill, hateful, sucidal even. They are removing me off of this medicine today to try something else. I hate feeling so down and out. :( Im glad that this medicine worked for hopefully we can find something that works for me too :( I am not bipolar and don't really understanding the reason for being put on lamictal...has anyone else been put on it for just depression?

my dr put me on 200mg a day, and lately I have been so agitated, I hate people don't want to be around people don't want to be touched, I've tried to explain to the dr. what I'm going through but no one seems to understand. they say I"m bipolar but which type am I. what things do you do during the day to help you out?

@ Jennifer...I have now been on seroquel xr for about a has been a miracle drug for me. I would never go back to lamictal. I am much more focused now and able to sleep well at night without feeling groggy in the morning. (I take my meds at night) I also take prozac which helps with the depression...maybe you should ask you MD about Seroquel's a little expensive but a much better drug in my opinion.

My doctor increased my Lamictal from 100 mg to 200mg per day. I feel so "normal" again- like you said. Just last night I was seriously depressed and felt numb. I had been suffering like that for several months. finally today I called my psych. and told him how bad off I've been. I took the additional 100mg this morning and I alredy feel lighter, normal and functional. I look forward to my busy day I've planned tomorrow. I stopped using alcohol and drugs several years ago because they interfered with my meds and I couldn't get well while high. I also accidentally killed myself by drinking on my psych meds. If you want to feel better and maintain your best level of functioning, I suffest you try a rehab. and/or Narcotics Anonymous or AA. I have been clean and sober for over 6 years now using the steps. I can't imagine using or drinking while on my meds. Im happier now that I had a chance to post my thoughts on this site. Thanks Experience Project! -Jen