A Good Experience

I got on Lexapro in March because I had some situational anxiety going on. It was leading to chest pain. I went to see my doctor and he confirmed it wasn't real heart problems and prescribed Lexapro. I knew that starting an SSRI was a big deal, so before popping my first pill, I read all of the materials and even got online and read some experiences. I was very scared about the lack of libido because my BF and I have a very good sex life and I didn't want that to change. In the end, I decided that I would commit to taking it until June, thinking that the situation causing my anxiety would be done by then.

I started on 10mg. That was my dosage, and I didn't work up to it or anything. Because I was nervous about how I would feel on it, I decided to take it at night, on a weekend just to be safe. I slept so well even on that first night. The doctor said I probably wouldn't start to feel it for three weeks, but three days in, I felt immensely better and the chest pain stopped. I had zero side effects and was happy to see that my sex drive and ability to climax was still in tact.

In April, my situation changed and the thing that had me so stressed out was no longer. I decided I should start to wean off now before my body became too accustomed to it. I work long hours and wasn't able to get in to see my doctor, so I looked up the info online. I already knew that quitting cold turkey was dangerous. But the experiences I read were absolutely terrifying. I could not find a single person who had posted about weaning off Lexapro with no issues. So I called my friend who had just weaned off an SSRI quickly after becoming pregnant, and she said she'd weaned off with no problems. I decided to just go slower than most of the people who'd posted about having problems had reported they'd gone.

The first week, I took my regular 10mg pill. That Saturday night, I went down to 7.5mg using a pill cutter. Going down to 7.5mg was easy. I didn't feel any difference at all except the chest pain returned, but mildly and it wasn't continuous. I stayed on 15mg for a week. Then I went down to 5mg the following Saturday. I felt great Sunday, but Monday around lunch, I suddenly felt very emotional. I talked myself out of it, reminded myself that it was my body adjusting and that it would pass. I got my mind focused on other tasks and by Monday evening I was fine.

This past Saturday, I went down to 2.5mg. Felt fine yesterday, but today again at lunch, felt very emotional. Reminded myself that it was like this last week and that it will pass. It has passed and I feel fine again. The chest pain comes and goes, but again, it's mild. Next week, I plan to take 2.5mg every other day and then go off. I will report back.

I wanted to share this experience in case there is anyone like me who just needs reassurance that not everyone has a terrible time weaning off. Do it as slowly as possible. Take a couple of weeks to go down to each smaller dose if you have the time. The more time you take in weaning off, the smoother it will be.

Also, if you didn't have any side effects going on the medication, you can probably expect a similar result in getting off of it, assuming you wean off at a proper rate and don't cut down too much too quick.

EDITED because I thought my pills were 20mg, but they were 10mg. Edited all the dosages to correspond correctly.
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May 21, 2012