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I started taking lexapro to treat OCD and social anxiety about a year and a half ago. At the moment Im on 30mg.It was all good at the start. It worked brilliant for me, and i had very little symptoms to start out with. My first experiance without them wasnt so good. My worst withdrawel was when i willingly decided I had enough of depending on them and decided to just stop completley. By the third day I was in an awfull state. I ended up overdosing on them. Even the day after I knew it was wrong. That was a huge wake up call for me. When I went back to my psyciatrist I told her what had happened and her answer... To up me from 20 to 30mg. Looking back on it now I think it was wrong. So I  had enough of the typicall way of dealing with it. So i went to Qlife. The link is at the top. And it has changed my life. But now I dont need lexapro. At the moment I've been laid off work, bloody recesion and there is no work around. AT ALL! So i can barely afford to feed myself let alone by lexapro at 37euro a week! So I have no choice but to sit through this without any lexapro. I cant even come off it gradually. My withdrawels at the moment are very bad. Its been 3 days without them. I have nasea, headache, my skin feels wierd, nooo concntration, head spins, my ears are ringing, ive had 4 hours sleep in the last 2 days, i cant socialise, suicidal thoughts (which i can take myself out of fairly easy cause i know there not mine), i dont want to interact with anyone, crying has become the most part of my day and yeah, so on. I will say that i hate my lexapro. Im dreading the next few days cause this is pretty much the longest Ive gone without them. Ill soon see. The only thing that helps me at the moment is weed. I  know its illegal, bla bla bla... but it really is the only thing I can find at the moment that is easin my symptoms. And yes i know i could spend my money on lexapro instead of weed but i havent been paying for it, i just have good friends. Thats where I am at the moment. And this is my story. By the way, im not knocking lexapro, i just think it should be takin more seriously and monitered better.

PioraRua PioraRua
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It's not a good idea to stop that kind of medication abruptly. Some report seizures...I would talk to your DOC and find a way to slowly get it out of your system I guess other chemicals/substances work, exercise, smoking etc.

My mom just started taking that for her depression....i hope it works well for her! Good luck girl

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