I take Lithium I have for Nealy two years, and every time I take it I think why? why not just stop, do I need this?.
Two years ago I drove to work and each day I thought '' I wonder what it would be like just to drive into the front of that lorry, quick, no pain,
I was not depressed or wanting to die just a bit 'down' Some day's I'd be happy, singing, some days I'd be a miserable sod.
Id not always notice but people around me did
I suppose the day I lost my job for upsetting a customer due to my attitude again!! was when I walked in to the docs and told him,
The lorry, the head full of mush, not being able to think straight, the wife threatening to leave due to not being able to live with me started be on the road to taking Lithium
So now when I ask ''why'' I can read this,,,
blueto blueto
4 Responses Jul 11, 2010

I thought everyone had the same thoughts about jumping or driving off bridges or into the lane of an oncoming vehicle or a tree perhaps. I didn't think that was abnormal.

In my case being off of a mood stabilizer makes me go manic and then i want to jump off of a building for the high and I argue with those i love about it because i dont understand why they dont want to jump too.

i feel the same waylithium changees how i feel makes me stupid i rlly wnna get offffff

i think about driving off of over passes and bridges all the time. especially about the few seconds in mid air, i think they would be so peacful, and then i would just not exist any more....i am starting lithium tomorrow...