LiCO3 Works For Me!

I started off on Lithium a year ago for my cyclothymia (part of the BeePer spectrum).  I started at 900mg and I went into toxic shock. It hit me hard.  I then eased my way in at 300mg and slowly increased the dose over the course of a month.  I have been on 1200mg for about a year now and it has really helped with my mood swings.  I have other problems, but at least I am on an even keel to deal with them.  That means less drama and suicidal thoughts and I am very grateful for that.  Still a lot to work out on the homefront with my wife and it may not work out at all.  At least I am more balanced with the challenges that I face and I have more energy since I am not fighting the mood swings.



CraigC CraigC
1 Response Feb 14, 2009

That is EXACTLY how i feel. Oh man the thirst sucks sometimes i just drink and drink and drink, and then when i get the "metal mouth" where everything tastes like metal that's even worse. Very rarely am i dead on w/my lithium it's hit or miss with me, thus there is always the "foggy" head, but it still beats life w/o it. I've been on 1200mg/d for 9 years during that time i've lead myself to believe that since i was feeling better and "more stable" on the lithium i can stop taking it and be fine, never worked out. When i wasn't on it, my actions and attitude no matter what i did to me was completly normal, NOT felt normal it was normal the way i should be acting towards my familiy, g/f , just attitude in general. Its only after i got back on my pills i was able to look back and see how psycotic my train of thought really was, although did this stop me from not taking quite yet. That went on for a few more years. Ive been stable with my lithium for about 7 years now, but it does come with a tradeoff dont be mistaken.