I Take Lots Of Meds

i have been diognosed with borderline personality disorder,dissositive identy disorder(multiplae personalitys) and ptsd....they have me on so much medicine but it never makes me feel better i am still aggitated all the time as well as depressed.nothing makes me feel better i just hate myself so much sometimes........i feel my doctors dont care cause i have told them it doesnt help but they keep prescibing it anyways....
deannalovesgaige deannalovesgaige
26-30, F
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Have u read the leaflet inside the box of your pills as some of them although they for stress and anxiety actually increase it and so won't help. Tea strange as it may sound has the ingriedent to promote calmness. Green tea is very good and I have seen with one friend who has terrible nerve problems when she stays on the green tea she is far happier.
I am in no way suggesting you stop your meds but just that you read up on them maybe even google the side effects and see if you are having these effects.