I Need to Be Medicated Because......

My mother is dying of hepatitis c. It has destroyed her spine and liver and gave her diabetes. Her spine, in the neck area has collapsed on her spinal chord and is causing her extreme pain. Oxycodone doesn't work for her anymore but she still takes it. She can't have surgery because she has no immune system any more and her blood platelets are so low she would bleed to death on the table.

I have a 50 year old brother who is mentally ill and lives with my mother. He hasn't worked for years and my mom has always taken care of him. Since Mom has been sick ( about 3 years ) he hasn't bathed, shaved or got a haircut. His bedroom, where he spends most of his time, stinks so bad I can't get near it. He doesn't want help and my mom won't agree to an intervention. I think he will kill himself when my mom dies.

My sister is a drunk. I'd call her an alcoholic but she won't help herself either. She is 62 and retired in August and has been drunk every night. She drank before but nothing like this. She has had alcohol poisoning twice and I had to help her through that. She says she wants to quit but won't get help.

My son is 24 and has aspergers syndrome. He is gifted intelligence and graduated from a community college with honors and transfered to ohio state u. but couldn't handle the stress and almost killed himself by jumping off a parking garage at a mall. He was hospitalized for a week and now is on 100 mg of zoloft and has stabilized. He is working at a grocery store and still lives with me.

My daughter is 21 and for some reason has been shutting me out of her life. She says nothing is wrong but doesn't pick up when I call and doesn't return my calls. She doesn't live with me. I just found out she is moving to Chicago to live with her Dad and go to nursing school there. I 'm afraid she won't come back.

So that's it. Lots of problems, no answers.

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good lord i feel for you