I've Tried 'em All (almost)

Prozac, Lexapro, Zoloft, Lamictal, Buspar, Effexor, Paxil, and now I'm on Celexa!

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8 Responses Jul 1, 2009

How are things for you now Kitty?...I've been on celexa for years (60mg)...it works for me...but as you know, everyone's different.

lord the side effects of it all ive tryed about 5 diffrent meds and iam done . <br />
my twin sister took seroquil it was bad they had to put her in the hospital she had a bad reaction <br />
i hate the meds and side effets

I take the Seroquel before I go to bed, get this, for insomnia! I've tried to get off of it, but the withdrawals are horrific. I've never tried Celexa. Do you like the Celexa better than the Lexapro?<br />
The one that worked the best for me was Prozac, back when it first came out, in the early 90's. That was the first antidepressant I was ever on. But I kept having to increase the dosage, until finally it stopped working at all. Then I was on the benzos for anxiety. I was majorly addicted to Klonopin (and all of the rest of them) for 15 years. I was in rehab three times with no luck. Finally I made myself get clean by myself when I realized I didn't want to be controlled by a little pill. I'm not knocking benzos but they're just not for me.

I'm on: Lexapro, Lamictal, Buspar, Abilify and Seroquel! What a cocktail. No wonder I sleep all the time. :o(

im also takeing celexa. i dont think its really working. good luck though.

Ugh I hate celexa...it just makes things worse for me

Hey!<br />
My mums just currently went onto Lithium - shes on 45mg a day for her Bipolar, and i deeply sympathise for her.<br />
She gets alot of the side effects but still doesnt feel the mental effects, its really getting her down.<br />
<br />
Just a quick question, beca use I am confused, but how should I interact with my mum when shes in her depressive stage? She tends to want to shut herself off the world and gets really aggetated and i find it hard to converse with her. Its only her and i that live together, and although of course i dont blame her in the slightest, its a difficult living situation, and because im only 17 i also get up and down mood swings which i dont think help...<br />
<br />
any thoughts would be much appreciated thanks :)

i use to take prozac for depression. it sucks to me. i didnt like how i was feeling. i felt numb