Off-leash At The Local Ace

I have been training my dog since I got him, for just over 2 years now. He's so well trained that he will heel perfectly in public, regardless if there are other dogs or people around.

The local ACE hardware has no problem with me bringing my dog in with me when I go shopping, and neither does the local Tractor Supply. Most places that carry products for pets (and no human food) will tolerate your dog with you on a leash. However I have taken him in with me off leash and he behaves perfectly. I've even trained him to "go potty" on command, so that I can tell him to go before we go inside anywhere.

The workers inside these stores are usually very happy to see him, he's friendly for a pomeranian, if sometimes a bit aloof. It helps that I've trained him to do several tricks such as "play dead" and walking on his hind legs. The other one that impresses everyone is "wave" when he lifts a paw in the air to wave goodbye.

Make sure you ask before you bring your dog inside an establishment with you, to make sure it's allowed. The exception is pet stores. Every local pet store allows pets inside the shop. I don't suggest doing it off leash, until you're dog is flawless with the heel command. I also began by taking him in on a leash, and using the same commands I would as if he wasn't wearing it.
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

no, he's so well trained he doesn't bother other people, he just follows me. occasionally I get complaints so I carry a leash. There are leash laws around here, so if we go for a walk around town for example I put him on a leash regardless. But for a short trip into the hardware store he's fine.

I'm working on my standard schnauzer to do rally off leash. Does anyone question or threaten to call animal control beings your dog is off leash? Here it's a $50. Fine so kind of hard to practice. I've been using fishing line.

ive just got a puppy, u want 2 borow him n train him 4 uz would you,