My man frequently requests I take certain pictures for him.

He likes to look at them when we can't be together. He says it always gets him off.

I love taking them for him. Though he does request some shots that are a bit difficult to do on my own.

It's always challenging ... lol.

And also a major turn on for me too.
BlueSapphires BlueSapphires
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I'm not really.

I hope he does soon and the answer is yes! You sound a beautiful and sensual woman i would love to see you

I asked him. He hasn't given me an answer yet.

Blue sapphire I think you should ask your man if he wants you to post your pictures for all of us to see

While I may freely share my pictures with my man, it's still a new experience for me. And a private one. I'm a bit more shy & reserved when it comes to revealing all here. Who knows though, maybe one day ....

and no pics for all of us?

I so agree NudyDude. I'm behind in my photography assignments too! I need to get busy.

Surprised there's so much interest in pics. Who knows, maybe one day I'll put a few up.

I agree, I'd love to see your pics. I get very aroused at the thought of people seeing my wife naked.

I think Bill is referring to the possibility that your husband may get a rush on allowing us a chance to see (check one or more) ( )what we can't have. ( ) what he'd like to share so we could relate to just how good he has it, being married to you.

I doubt it. He's already seen them.

And we'll all be looking forward to them! Your man will get excited about your display! Bill

Maybe I will

And you've not posted any on here? Shame on you. Bill

I hope he thinks so. He does like to be surprised.

Hes a very lucky man...