At Work And Pulled Out My Phone, Unhooked By Bra, Started Snapping *** Pics..

I was working feeling this deep urge within. Boss was out of office. I got up from my desk, locked the door, unbuttoned my blouse and took off my bra. I grabbed my phone and started snapping ***** pictures of me to post online and share with my boyfriend hoping to get his **** hard so he would take me deep when we got home from work today. I was restless and giggly snapping away and uploading to see if anyone would be interested in my huge **** for a 52 year old woman that never breast fed. I find myself now wanting to experience suckling a woman's breast and I am so into having my **** sucked whenever I can get it done. Seems that no ***** action isĀ happeningĀ at home either. I so want to find a partner to help me out. What is the problem? Me or my ****? Getting down and out-wanting and my needs are not getting met. Please help me somebody.
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That is so HOT!!! Would you please add me...

Lucky boyfriend.

You'd hardly make it through the door if it was me! ;)

Did you find a way to get him into your breast-needs? Are you still hoping for help?

You poor woman ... your avatar pic is nice. I would love to see them upclose.mmmm love to look and play with boobs.. don't care the age nice is nce.

Wow. I love the look of your **** in your avatar. Please add me so I can see the rest.

What is your boy friend thinking ? Wish you weren't so far away...I would make sure you needs were taken care of.
Take care xx

I'll help anyway that I can... please add me and we can chat ;-)

i love you. i worked with a lady that would take pics of her self at work for me

Please add me so I can check out your beautiful chest!

Add me lets chat. I may could help i love to suck on ****

Mmm well it sound like you need my mobile number so you can send me some pics and also add me please I love large **** !!!!

Please add me. I would love to see more of you.

52 is hot

i love **** of women over 50 they r the best

I'd just love to explore with you!!! Can you add me please?

add me

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Getting a text with your **** at work would make me super hard!

I'll help you out!

Awesome story. So Sexy

That is so much fun I had a couple friends that I used to do that with, something about being at work just makes it even that much more fun.

I thought your pic was great!

What the heck, I specialise in sucking and Would love to pleasure you...

Would you be interested in trading nud pictures or videos by email?

I would love to help you. Mmmm Beautiful

I would love help satisfy your ***** needs ! Your **** are gorgeous and sexy !!

Let me see them and ill let you know. Add?

would love to see the photos you took at work, thats sooo sexy AND fun

Ha! I've done the lock the door and snap away a work thing too!<br />
<br />
Sometimes we have to branch out to get our needs met. I don't know about some guys. One woman said she went to her husband's office in just a long coat and he was horrified. I'd have taken her right there.

i will suck your ******* any time

I have never met you or even seen you but, having only read you I can tell you that although I am a stranger I find you incredibly attractive. There is no doubt you would be an extremely hot **** and a very naughty little plaything in the right hands (mine)! Please ad me so I can see more of you...

tk you. added great comments too..

If i was in much closer proximity to you your lacking ***** sucking action would be over. There is no problem with you. I would find your **** irresistible and would worship them and suckle them sensuously tenderly and insatiably for you. I would love your **** like you have never experienced. If you have never before experienced ****** through having your **** suckled i would be honoured to give you that beautiful ******. Moreover, I think it would be a very good idea for you to experience suckling a woman's breasts if you could get the opportunity. You will really enjoy that very beautiful experience. <br />
<br />
I am salivating at the thought of suckling your lusciously lovely breasts.<br />
<br />
Cheers,<br />
<br />

Thank you so much. I would love the opportunity to share..

Love to see your pic's.

This is one of the most compelling request or invitation I ever saw and is borne out by the number of comments and responses you got; ;-) choices of all kinds you have now and of course what a site it would have been you taking your pics and then writing here to take your pick;) <br />
<br />
hope you are having a good one cheers

From your profole ic your **** are incredible ! id love to see more , please add me and id love to suck and play with them anytime!

can't speak for everyone, but if you were living around me You would have no trouble getting attention for your boobs. I do love licking and sucking ****, and a ***** too if that has an itch...

Hi;) I'd like to see those pics. I think I have a lot to offer:)

Hmmmm all I've seen is your profile pic, still waiting to be added, but I don't see what the problem would be. I would love to suck you breasts and nibble your hard nipples.

I like how your imagination engaged at work - a little time to sit and think and the same happens to me. Well, I don't undo my bra and that stuff but I do find my thoughts on things of a sexual nature

i would love to see you in your ofice taking pictures of yourself or better yet i could do that for you, mmm i would love to lick and nibble on those lucious ****..mmmm

Love the risky nipple and *** play. you are gorgeous sexy sweetie.

I love your at work *** pics! I used to take at work naughty pics, too, but I haven't in a bit. Wonder if I should ever start back up again. Would anyone even care?

It looks like you have had a lot of offers, I hope that you have found that special person to suck your ****!!!!!

like the fact that you saw the opportunity and went for it , way to go.......... doing it in office wow what a thrill and then of course who would refuse such a pleasure of mmmm taking lips around them and sucking them and twirling tongue around them and stay on like that for a long long time mmm and of course hands would help roaming all over,.......

like the fact that you saw the opportunity and went for it , way to go.......... doing it in office wow what a thrill and then of course who would refuse such a pleasure of mmmm taking lips around them and sucking them and twirling tongue around them and stay on like that for a long long time mmm and of course hands would help roaming all over,.......

And take your camera with you everywhere !!!!!

I would so enjoy helping you out dear :-) Many times actually.

Would love to see those big *******! Ym!

You know it. will too. wishful dripping thoughts... hot tamale..

You are most definitely my kind of beautiful hot and mature woman in dire need! I must say that I'm in dire need of the same! Please do add me as a friend as we have mutual interests! Thanks! Dirk

I would love to help you out. I can make your breasts Very happy. Would You add me?

would you please add me

LOL...nothing like some titillating fun in the office! Enjoy!

Would love to see, and suck your ****.

Sounds like there are plenty of guys willing, including myself

How about me trying to get some milk out of your ****? I would have to suck really hard...

Certainally love to suck on those beautiful ****

I love your your ****. I love **** in general. I love to suck on yours and run my toung across yours. I would love to be your friend.

Please show me more. I might even send a tribute back if you have e-mail you can share

Tks for comments. Would love help in *** fun

I would love to work in your office and catch you taaking photos of your ****, would you want me to finish taking photos or just start kissing licking and sucking your ****?