Oh Yes I Do!

.. and i have posted some of the "tamer" ones here on EP. my breasts...... i dont mind sharing those.. actually.. quite the contrary. i enjoy it.... i enjoy the nice comments and compliments i get. but i have more intimate pics of myself too now and i am not sure if i should or want to post them here. totally amateurish because it is NOT easy to get pics of "that" region without having really long arms and twisting the cam and holding it at odd angles and.. yeah well.... being almost a contortionist....... LOL :)

so how is it with you, in this group with me.. gals and ladies .. have you shared pics of your ***** and ****? or do you do that only by mail .. privately? - if at all? or do you just like to look at them by yourself and get a kick out of that? something i do too of course.... i immensly enjoy seeing myself - makes me wet all over again...... a double pleasure really..... i get wet whilst taking them.... and afterwards when looking at them, again.... a double treat..... ah .. life is lovely...... sex and ************...... a great way to start a day....... or end it ;)

maturemaddy maturemaddy 51-55, F 35 Responses Aug 27, 2011

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sex and ************ indeed!

Oh yes your story is a tease and so hot ... Please add me .. would love to see your intimate pics...

Love to see your pics and comment on then. add me thanks

U going to add me id love to see ur pics

Would love to be able to see your pictures and give you my thoughts. Would look forward to your thoughts and comments on mine as well. Please add me... thanks!

add me babe :)

Well I am sure many would love to see your pictures!

MMMMmmmm you have my interest...add me so I can enjoy your pics!! I Love your profile pic btw!

Lol Use a mirror!

hope you could add me so that i could comment on those pics! :)

Lovely story...thank you for sharing

Oh Maddy, your profile picture is making me weak in the knees, I cannot wait to see more!

please add me we can swap pics etc..thanks for sharing

My kind of woman, I also enjoy taking and sharing pics of me

The profile pic is driving me crazy. I would love to see more. Please add me.

hi please dd me so I can see your **** and do u wear high heels??

Me too. Have posted just boob pictures so far. Have take much more though and those get texted to husband. Love taking them but prefer the more teasing, artistic ones than full on clinical close up shots!!


Sexy profile pic ! Would love to get a peak at your pics !

would love to spend some time looking at your pics!!

Wow could I see all your wild pics, please add me as your frend


Would love to share naughty pics with you. Please add us.

I would love to see some of your pictures - please add me!

Maddy we have taken some full frontal in a car on holiday and put them on X Hamster with my face obscured it is such a tunr on to see the nice comments especially from other girls you have a lovely piar of boobies hun. I can send you the pics if you want to share xx

To thine own self be true. It is your body and yours to do as YOU wish. Share or not as you wish of course all men and most women love to see a bare chested lady. I would love to see it all but you know us guys.

have exchanged pics with a few women and find it very hot, especially love seeing *****. Please add me then we can see each others pics

Great story, love the photo on your page, I just love big boobs, would love to see more so I may comment, love Mike

Would love to see your pics and hope you add me. I have some of me too but us men never look as sexy as the ladies do.

please add me... I would love to see your pics... and you to see mine...