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Holidaying For Free – Or – Tanstaafl – Or - There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!

By the time Uni had finished for the Summer, all of you on here will have seen that I was totally broke and was exploring ‘alternative’ funding options (at least that’s kind-of what my student councillor was calling it – not that I explained the exact nature of my activities lol!)

It went pretty well until my scary brush with an EP member who took me to beyond my own preset limits. After the fact, I have found it to be an immensely horny experience and I frigged myself silly for half of the summer hols fantasising about those couple of hours. But hear that word – FANTASISING – got it?

Anyway, there I was back at my Mum’s for the summer, and broke – as in BrokeStudent yeah? No money – nada. And my Mum lives in this small village outside a pretty small town and there really wasn’t much prospect of summer work. So I was lazing in bed most days whilst my Mum went to work all day, getting pretty bored and occupying my time as best I could (ooh – remember that Banana – yes with a capital “B”) in that god-forsaken place when one lunchtime an old friend from school facebooked me and asked what I was up to – whether I had any free time coming up?
Well Stevey (as was his name – da da!) was now living locally again, had just broken up with a long-term girlfriend, and had a holiday for two in the sun coming up. Was I interested? Was I ****! Of course as this story is entitled, there’s no such thing as a free lunch/holiday ha ha! Now over the last year I’ve (and here I choose my words very carefully) *** across Stevey on more than one occasion, although always virtually, but there is no hiding from the fact that the package he hides in his boxers puts a smile on my face at least.

So Stevey’s deal was that I become his sexmate, his friend with benefits for the duration. He knew I had no money but didn’t realise that meant I had NO money at all, but decided that I could work off the spending money before we went away. Now I ‘m sure you all know I’m not exactly shy, he’s a reasonable looking guy with a **** to die for, and I’ve seen him shoot nearly a gallon on *** on cam, so … Yeah, I went for it.

My Mum’s out at work, Stevey’s as work but got a sure thing lazing around – what would you do? So 20 minutes later the back door bangs open and the man himself is standing on the (fortunately secluded) rear step of my Mum’s house with his jockeys round his ankles and a prong that looks even hotter in real life than on cam. I was as you can imagine, momentarily taken aback. Momentarily being the operative word there, and once I’d swallowed my chocolatey mouthful of KitKat, invited him over the threshold with a look that I’m sure the Cheshire Cat would have been proud of. His sudden migraine appeared to have miraculously gone – do doubt because all that blood was now pulsing through an entirely different organ to his brain!

As a dutiful new friend-with-benefits (not to mention a broke and bored student), I knelt infront of his gorgeous **** and paid it proper obeisance. I mentioned that he would need to shave himself before I’d repeat this laving of his straining erection, but forgave him on this occasion due to the undoubted emergency. I was in HEAVEN. And Stevey was about to enter MY heaven ;-)

Now I’m all for public exhibitionism, but my Mum’s neighbours might not all be quite so – shall I say liberal? – in their attitudes, so I lead Stevey by his pulsing rod of iron up to my bedroom. Apparently he wanted some immediate souvenirs, so who was I to deny him when he took some photos with his phone. You can see a few in one of my galleries with the same name (I think!) – some are rather blurry, but hey, we were there to ****!
workingUKgirl workingUKgirl 18-21, F 39 Responses Nov 22, 2011

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MMMMM, sounds so nice, Would have loved to have been
Stevey. You tell a great story. Please add us to your friends list.

Please add me so I can see the pix to see if my imagination is in line with the real thing

Oh yes, your story is very exciting, so that I would like to see your gallery, and so add me please to your friends, if possible.

You are such a good girl!

**** you are so hot!

You're hot -and matter of fact - works for me!

What an absolutely brilliant story. I was smiling all the way through. Broke struggling student with a wonderful command of erotic Literature.

Great story!

I'd love to see your pics. Can you please add me?

nice one!

Lmao . Sounds like fun. Please add me as a friend.

So hot! Please add me I would love to see!

Awesome story, please add?

Love to see you!

would you like to experience that again but under controlled circumstances?

Love your story. Can't wait to read more !

That Was so Sweet

Wonderful story. Oh how I wish there had been hot girls like you way back when...

Love the story will have to read some more, please add me

Hot story do tell us more!

love a broke student... they are willing to go the extra mile!

Great story would love to be added.

Great story would love to see those photos. please add me.

I LOVE the way that you write!<br />
obeisance?<br />
I had to look that one up. VERY NICE!

You will enjoy a film called Mother & Child with Sam L Jackson & Annette Benning in it as well as others.<br />
The film itself is not directed at you or your lifestyle, but about 1/2 way thro' you will see the part(s) that are relevant to you.<br />
Also the whole film is very whateable & has some poignant scenes that will stay with you.<br />
<br />
Later,<br />

hope to be your friend

Hope you plan on updating your albums with lots of holiday pics.

Seems as though Stevey helped break up your boredom. I would certainly have done the same for you. As a professional photographer I have taken a good many photos of myself both nude and in my bikini briefs. Some are posted here on my profile page and I have many more to share with others that are also willing to share. Email works but Yahoo Messenger is even better for file sharing, Photo Share or best of all live on cam.

I wrote a story called "The Ticket", it's on here somewhere. I am afraid to ask what the EP friend did that was so unnerving. Or was that Stevie? *hugs and kisses* j

Wow fantatstic story hope ther are more parts to it

Wow! Stevey is huge! I bet you had a great holiday.

Great story, but shouldn't it be either Tinstaafl or Tanstafl?

ha ha - true but not 'the lingo'

Such a very wonderful experience. I had a girlfriend leave e 2 weeks before a romantic holiday to jamaica but i couldn't find any one to go with me so i ended up going on my own XD ; ;

oH, ... by the way I just remembered about the topic... liking to take naughty pictures... I've quite often taken copious amounts of pictures of me doing different things with my c^ck and balls... I've had a python wrapped around my c^ck and balls, and a number of other ... perhaps "unusual"? things... I have fun playing with myself, if there's nobody else around! ... and, enjoying photography, I often find a camera in hand!

I would enjoy finding a bored student who would be willing to have some company, however, I'm a bit broke myself, so it would be having fun just to have fun for the time being... although, later when I get back to work, I'd be able to throw a bit of money to a friend who was willing to give me some sexual company... and some other moments, perhaps... if we had any inclination to do so. Enjoy your time...

Sounds like a great deal for him and very enjoyable work for you! <br />
<br />
Looking forward to reading more posts of your experiences and seeing the accompanying pics.<br />
<br />
Thanks for this hot story! Best of luck in lining up steady work too!


mmm would love to see those photo's.

I read your story and had to check out the picks of you because I have had a few fantasies of you myself and even though I knew I was already envious of him and you two's new arrangement, I am still happy to finally get to see you in full action with more than a banana :)

Great pictures and thanks for posting this. I can see why you say he has a "**** to die for".