I Take Naked Pics Of Myself And Send Them To My Friend...not My Bfriend Because Im Married.. Lol

I take naked pics when I feel like it. I have taken some hot ones and he loves it. He is a friend but a friend that I saw this past summer. He has rough days at work and I like to send him naked pics of me to cheer him up. We talk quite a bit. Im married and he knows that already. But Im married to a man that couldnt care less about me. Just with me for the kids I believe. He says different but I know better. So I have found other ways to take care of myself and someone that I like alot. I feel better about myself and even think it shows. I pose and show myself in different ways. I get into it at times and end up dripping wet. I love it and sometimes finish up. I know he loves it and he has asked to show one of his friends that he works with. I said not to. I think he showed some of me though with out my face showing. Which I guess is okay. I like him alot and cant be mad at him. I always smile when I send one to him. I love it and he knows it. I have also found a number in the yellow pages and sent naked pics, claiming by accident. Ive had some ask me to keep sending them. I did till I got bored with it. lol. All in fun.
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I need a friend like u. Loves to send sexy,beautifill pic to people to cheer them up. :-)

Love your stories... very hot!! Add me thanks:-)

Hope I get some of those random pics!

hey I would love to see you as well please add me..do u like high heels??

I would love to trade with you. Add me if you want.

I have some girls that I trade with as well. It's fun and hot. I don't see much harm in it, and if you're able to add some excitement to someone's day then all the better!

That's really hot, I love doing that. Feel free to text me sometime 860 893 3264

Talk about random fun!

I smiled when I read this. I did a similar thing a few years ago. It is so .... stimulating ... made me feel very sexy. I'm married too. We should trade ideas :)

Id like to b your friend,i have real bad days at work too! Please?

I'm already happy and don't need cheering up! I'd still like to see your photos though!<br />
<br />

I understand so much... I hope you add some more naked photos here, and there would be exciting for other men to think about you,,, Maybe you should add me in order to see your sexy body :-)...

Nice writing, can you add me... I want to share with you ;-)

could always use a day brightener!

Try a nice pic of you nude and Photoshop a male arm reaching between your legs and send this to your husband.<br />
<br />
You might find that he does care and might actually like to watch or join the fun.<br />
<br />
I am amazed at how many women make up stories about their husband and are completely wrong.<br />
<br />
You can send me some photos and I will massage your esophagus in exchange. (*_~)

Hey sexy love your stories!! Think we have lots in commin... Are you going to stick around here? Love you to add me please;-)

mm very nice i understand what you are talking about . I find it very sexy and hot that you do send him pictures and that you enjoy exposing yourself. True it can be very very arousing...

Your husband is a fool if he is ignoring you. He married a great and wonderful lady.

Because you are a Goddess!

i'm in the yellow pages !!!.... if i tell ya where to look would you send me some of you pics ?????

That is sooooooo hot! So i think i'll yake some too! Can you please add me so I can see yours!

Yes, my mailbox is open anytime you are bored!! You sound so sexy...such a lucky guy to have a "friend" like you!

I'd love for you to send any pics to me you'd want to share sometime....:)

That is fantastic! Post the pics here and cheer us all up.

Can I be really cheeky and ask for some you have my word they wont go anywhere else but will make my day .Please dont feel pressured and say no if you dont want to no hard feelings but if you dont ask you never know.heres hoping

Firstly your husband is an idiot. Secondly im very jealous of the friend that gets the pics..wish it was me..lol

I love the fact that you send the to random numbers :) And that you get a reply asking for MORE! So hot kuntry... lucky peeps ;)

Very naughty of you, I like it, LOL! Perhaps you'd send me one?

simmering... and smiling

Please send me some

Good for you! Not only have found something that you enjoy doing, but help make someone else's day better. You have a wonderful and sexy body, share it with who you desire and enjoy sharing it with. Be it in photos or real life. I hope to see plenty of your wonderful body in the future! :D

You are the coolest!

i love sexting too !! i would love too some of your pics !

aren't we friends?? :-)

Please cheer me up and send some photo's.<br />
<br />

Wow, you have a nasty streak don't you? That seems like good fun. Have you tried to send sexy pics to your husband? Maybe that will wake him up. I've been there in my marriage as well at times. Things get boring and we just get on with daily life and don't really get into each other much. Other times, that spark is rekindled somehow and we do it like rabbits for a while. Then we slowly get back into the daily grind of life, work, kids, etc. I know that if my wife took pics of her **** and sent them to me (which she has never done) it would excite me and upon getting home from work I would take her to our room and lock the door for the next 1/2 hour. Kids could just watch the Disney channel for a while. :)

mmmmm so cool. you will have to have my private mail address.lol