Nice But Naughty

Lately I have found myself taking naughty pictures of myself.  It gets me all hot and excited.

I start to have vivid thoughts about having sex and than photographing the whole act.  I think the woman's body is a beautiful thing.  Don't get me wrong men are sexy but, women have a better shape for the camera.

I like to see what comes out after I take the shot.  My best assets are my breasts and ***

Share your stories with me.


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9 Responses Mar 17, 2007

U can add me. Would love to see the pics. Thanks

Would love to see that footage!

I would love to see some of your pictures! Please add me. I also love to take pictures and have taken quite a few naughty but nice ones in the past.

i am an wanabe fotog camera & video man .of adult materials ,but find it hard to sell my intentions of just wanting to learn & benefit at the same times .I am afraid to offer the idea to women .what can I do ? thank you .

Would you be interested in trading nud pictures or videos by email?

Would love to see. Please add me.

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This will have to go into an experience i think but I'll start with this comment. i took a picture, close up, of my **** as as a kind of joke for my wife. after she received it she put it on her phone so that when i call her there's this graphic photo of my **** in full color for all to see on her phone screen! She wont take it off and im not quite that uncomfortable to really insist (it's not all that bad a picture!)?. But there are times when it could be too much don't you think?

I think it's totally hot! I've taken naughty pics of all my ex's and even some video once.<br />
I think it's even hotter that you're the one doing it!