Nude Pictures On My Phone....

.... is more than the dressed pictures. i used to take pictures in the ladies at work and send them to my boyfriend, but recently I've become more and more daring and started to take pictures of my boobs at my work desk, where it's quite open and my colleagues will see if they stand up at that instant and it's near the door so there might be people approaching from where I cant see.

and then it became taking pictures of my boobs in the pub where me and my friends drink, in the bus and so on.

My bf seems to like the idea and he will sometimes instruct me to send a picture of me exposing my boobs n pinching my nips on the bus. he will send these photos to my close friends and his bestie, whom he invited over for a 3some to get me wasted.
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would love to see your naughty pictures

sounds interesting

I'd love to hear more add me love

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