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What is it that makes taking naughty pictures so much fun?  Being an exhibitionist may have something to do with it.  Most of my pics I take myself, but there are also some taken by my wife.

My first naughty pics were with a Polariod.  I was never brave enough to take these kind of pics with a regular film camera.  Like many folks, I did not care to have them in the hands of a film processor.  Lucky for me, I also have some Polariods of former girlfriends and my wife in my collection.  A few of these are even before I stared shaving my penis and balls.  Because of the cost of the film, I took far fewer Polariods than digital pics.  With digital photography, I snap away for each pose I am working on, then keep the best.  

Being a nudist, the majority of my pics really are not naughty, but nudes.  These pics do not show erections.  Also, nearly all of my nude and naughty pics are faceless.  Recently I wanted to post pics on a authentic nudist site which does not allow faceless nudes.  It became a challenge to do such shots without revealing my identity.  I did this by posing doing my workout, with weights or arms obscuring my face.  People have given me very positive comments about these pics.  Overall, I have about 250 Polariod and digital nude and naughty pictures.  Great fun!

nudesmooth nudesmooth 56-60, M 2 Responses Feb 6, 2013

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Your history, starting with Polaroids and changing to digital is so similar to mine. I have several of the older ones taken of me and friends who used to socialize nude. Now I have hundreds of digital, naked pics of myself. When I pose, I am stimulated by the thought of others seeing me and I usually get an erection which I love showing in the photos. I take the pics myself but am considering asking a female, amateur photographer I know to take nudes of me. I have some pretty hot stories about my experiences, too.

Amazing! I don't think I've ever known an exhibitionist

You may know many, but they remain in their closets. Most people that know me have no clue about my naughty side.

I would have to say the same about me. My friends might faint and fall over if they knew