I'D Like To Hear Your Opinions.

I'd like to hear your honest rate/comments about my body. Any comments would be welcome. And I sometimes enjoy being treated like a *****, or being told dirty cumslut. so don't worry about hurting me. Add me if you want to see some of my pics. Thanks.
Canaria Canaria 22-25, F 144 Responses Feb 7, 2013

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I would love to treat you like the naughty girl you are.

Still asking to be rated and stuff

add me please

i like your profile photo. you look beautiful. would like to be added please. thanks.

Very well ;)

I would love to give you my honest opinions but I am still waiting to be added. In the meantime, based on your profile pic I have to say you look gorgeous.

But not as good as us , admire our beauty when you get to our age , few creases here and there and due to poor maintenance a few parts not working but can still scrape through an mot

I think someone is looking for a slapping.

Now now we are one no need for violence


add me

totally hot and sexy, wife and i luv ur pics and stories..will tell u ours, let us know about urs.

I have added you but am still waiting for you to add me.

We can't win all the time now can we

you sound like fun babe, id love to be added please x

Would love to see your pics and add my comments about your body!!! Please add me I can hardly wait!!!

Add me so I can give you my opinion!

would love to see your pictures, and tell you my opinion about your body :-) please add

can't see add me please

What a good girl!

if you add me id would let you know my opinion on your photos,

love to see them

I'd love your opnions as well. I'm always looking for new an exciting settings.

Love to see your pics. Add me

Would love to see your pics!

Just from the one pic you have...your very sexy looking!!

Please add me so I can comment on your pics!

I added you. Please add me and I'll tell you what I think.

Will do!

Love your profile pic!!! Please add me so I can see more.

Life is way to short to not make a bunch of new friends. I'm very good at being totally honest. So send them on over..

can you add me would love to see your pics

Yeah, I love making comments. Especially if the are attractive and erotic! Come on let the beast of me!

Loved the pics, just wish you felt like sharing your face in the same ones.